Past image of X JAPAN on TV

23 04 2010

The program about X JAPAN will be broadcast on Asahi TV next Friday:

Broadcasting Program: MUSIC STATION
Broadcasting Station: テレビ朝日系列 (Asahi)
Date: 2010.4.30
Time: 20:00 ~ 20:54 Bookmark        and Share


supercell on the Japan Times

5 02 2010

An article featuring supercell has been posted on the Japan Times’ website, it’s tilted “Supercell’s synthetic pop wins real fans“:

Most people become a musician intentionally and set out to find success,” says Ryo, the multi-instrumental talent behind art-pop outfit Supercell. “But me, I just uploaded a song to (video-sharing Web site) Nico Nico Douga without any big intentions and …”


Spotlight on Nico Nico Collabo !

4 02 2010

Amateurs also deserves to be featured on this blog that’s why I opened a dedicated category for them named “Spotlight on …

Now, to start this new category of artists, ~listentheworld~ is proud to present you “Nico Nico Collabo” ! Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to Joyce Jonathan

28 01 2010

Little exception today, we’re leaving a bit Japan for a quick tour in France.

~listentheworld~ will introduce you Joyce Jonathan (20) a young French singer-songwriter. Read the rest of this entry »

Tsuji Shion is she the new YUI’s challenger?

5 09 2009

photouj8 On the occasion of Tsuji Shion 3rd single “M/elody” release we are going to talk a bit about this newcomer on Japanese music scene, a young girl named: Tsuji Shion.

What is the comparison with YUI ? Let’s see that. Read the rest of this entry »

Annoying behavior from the Majors

4 09 2009


Sony has removed (not directly) YUI – It’s all too much PV from streaming websites few hours after the PV was available on various fansites, forums and P2p websites.

In the same time I noticed that many of my older videos of L’Arc~en~Ciel, AKFG, Angela Aki and Aqua Timez were also removed ! This behaviour, really pissed me off !

So I decided to write this article which try is describe how stupid act the Majors against the fans and why sharing is not a crime.

Majors music industry has no idea what they will lose by fighting with the fans. In the same time I call for a boycott of Sony’s next releases such as YUI – It’s all too much, Angela Aki – Ai no Kisetsu, Aqua Timez Best Of.

(This article is mainly based on my own experience.) Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to Vocaloid

27 08 2009

What is Vocaloid ?

After many month and hours of listening, I decided to explain how and why Vocaloid has the right to be featured on this blog.

Many people are not aware about this kind of music or has a too quick idea. That will be my personal point of view (As Non-Japanese) of this new trend.

Read the rest of this entry »