Spotlight on rockleelist !

7 05 2010

I couldn’t resist to present you rockleelist that I discover recently on Youtube.

She’s a English Vocaloid cover artist who has a respectable goal which is to share Vocaloid fandom with English-speaking audiences so that they may enjoy and appreciate its music as others around the world have.

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Spotlight on Nico Nico Collabo !

4 02 2010

Amateurs also deserves to be featured on this blog that’s why I opened a dedicated category for them named “Spotlight on …

Now, to start this new category of artists, ~listentheworld~ is proud to present you “Nico Nico Collabo” ! Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to Joyce Jonathan

28 01 2010

Little exception today, we’re leaving a bit Japan for a quick tour in France.

~listentheworld~ will introduce you Joyce Jonathan (20) a young French singer-songwriter. Read the rest of this entry »

Spotlight on dorumriku!

28 03 2009

Toshi (X-Japan) announced during the 「HEALING EARTH PROJECT」party his new member, a 11 year old boy on drums!

You certainly know this boy who did a lot of  X-Japan drum cover on youtube! His nickname is dorumriku.

The new band formed is named 「GAIA TOSHI&RIKU BAND」.


「X JAPAN」のTOSHIが27日(金)、新たに結成するバンド「GAIA TOSHI&RIKU BAND」のメンバーを、都内のホテルで発表した。 Read the rest of this entry »

Spotlight on ~eiEn~!

30 11 2008

I know you miss L’Arc but don’t cry, here is a other cover by a Chilean band named ~eiEn~

They cover a lot of L’Arc songs but I think this one is the most original.

L’Arc~en~Ciel – Jiyuu e no shoutai ~Acoustic Version~:

They not only covered L’Arc songs but they also create their own songs.

Don’t request the guitar’s tab I don’t have it ^^


作詞: hyde 作曲: tetsu
Lyrics: hyde Music: tetsu

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Spotlight on MeridianRogue!

9 11 2008

A complete fan band has covered L’Arc~en~Ciel – Neo Universe and Niji!

This is a Japanese band named “MeridianRogue” who covered 2 songs of L’Arc. They are 3 members, Vocalist, Guitar and drums. Their musics mix Piano and string instruments to create a unique sound.

They also create their own musics which can be purchased on iTunes Store Japan and many other online stores like

Worth listening!

L’Arc~en~Ciel – Neo Universe Cover:

L’Arc~en~Ciel – Niji Cover:


Also on Youtube:

Spotlight on IRY!

25 10 2008

Due of the few news about L’Arc this time, I’m going to share with you all this fan cover.

I found more interesting to share a female cover then a male, guys try to copy too much Hyde’s voice whereas girl is more original.

She’s named “yukihir0” and recently known under “IRY“. She sings L’Arc~en~Ciel “Dive to blue” wonderfully!

Apparently it’s her favorite L’Arc’s song, I quote:

words cannot express how much i love this song. i love this song.

You’ll find here at:

Now, Dive to Blue ~Summer Blue Remix~

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