Tsuji Shion is she the new YUI’s challenger?

5 09 2009

photouj8 On the occasion of Tsuji Shion 3rd single “M/elody” release we are going to talk a bit about this newcomer on Japanese music scene, a young girl named: Tsuji Shion.

What is the comparison with YUI ? Let’s see that.

First about YUI:

As you know since 2004 YUI has become one of the most famous female singer in Japan. She always reach the Top 1 of Oricon’s charts at each almost releases.

Reasons here success ? She’s young, cute, she write and compose almost all of her songs herself, she has a beautiful voice, she sings well and she plays guitar. A other thing is that YUI stays really simple and modest even with all this celebrity. Her personality is one of the reason of her success.

What’s about her music ?

YUI – Ready to love

YUI – Skyline

Yeah music, it’s the most important point. For me (and a lot of “old” fans) what’s made YUI’s success is her music style and especially her acoustic songs. From 2004 to 2006, YUI’s acoustic songs like Good-bye days/Skyline, Tokyo, Life plays a major role in YUI ascension in the charts. This acoustic style has influenced a lot of people to start playing acoustic guitar. (I’m wondering how many of you has started playing acoustic guitar because of YUI. ^^)

With YUI’s most recent releases like Again and It’s all too much (coming next month), we’re far from this era… lately YUI has turns away more and more of her initial style by being more Pop/Rock. YUI’s music definitely took a downturn after “CAN’T BUY MY LOVE”. It lost it’s soul.

This is my only disappointment…

Let’s talks about Tsuji Shion.


A little biography:

★ Name: Shion Tsuji/Tsuji Shion
★ Japanese Name: 辻 詩音
★ Birthdate: January 10th, 1990
★ Age: 19
★ Label: DefSTAR Records (sublabel of Sony Music Japan)
★ Music Genre: J-pop/J-Rock
★ Favourite Artists: Sheryl Crow, THE HIGH-LOWS.

Shion Tsuji began to write poems and song lyrics from a young age. It wasn’t until when she was 15 years old, when playing a guitar, she began to learn to write music. At the same time, she dropped out of high school in her first year and moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream to become a singer. In Autumn 2007, Tsuji self-produced the music for a commemorative event for 200 people. With her performance, Tsuji was finally able to draw the attention of Sony Music. In 2008, she signed with DefSTAR Records and made her debut with the single “Candy kicks”. In 2009 she releases a 2nd single “Sky chord ~大人になる君へ~” featuring Bleach Anime ending theme. In the same year, a 3rd single titled “Melody” has just released.

You’ll notice that her story is almost the same as YUI’s debut.

She really looks like Otsuka Ai in her physical appearance and gestures while YUI adopt a more serious aspect, Tusji Shion is more “breezy” addressing a big smile like what could do Ai-chan. Something like “Tusji Shion desu! YEHHH~~!! *peace*”.

In term of music style it’s quite similar to what did YUI at her debut, that is acoustic songs.

See by yourself:

Tsuji Shion M/elody (PV)

Now you have listen to Tsuji Shion, don’t you think it sounds like YUI’s style ?

Here is a other song:

Tsuji Shion – Nami Nori

If you’re not convinced. Try also “Take me home“.

This song sure does have a bit of YUI’s feel, may be because it’s full acoustic song… anyway it makes me nostalgic of old YUI’s songs.

2nd single previews:
Sky chord ~大人になる君へ~
Brand new day
Candy kicks (Acoustic Version)

I won’t take position to say who is better than other, this post doesn’t say that Tsuji Shion is copying YUI or something like that at all ! It has non-sense.

Tsuji Shion will never be YUI and vise versa. As I said above, YUI and Tsuji Shion has her own personality and we’ll feel that in their songs.

As a lot of readers here are interested by YUI so I though that could be interesting to introduce you this singer that I consider as artist to watch closely for the upcoming months. It won’t be a surprise to see her featuring this blog soon ! ^^

I’m really looking forward for her 1st album !

Fan of YUI or not, I highly recommend to listen the Tsuji Shion’s music.


(Tsuji Shion – M/elody Single Regular Edition)



New single release from Shion Tsuji includes intro theme to the anime “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

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19 responses

5 09 2009

yup. i am proud to say that yui was the one who got me into playing the guitar 🙂

and this post, sounds interesting. ill check into her music

5 09 2009
marlin lubis

nice post.. thnx

6 09 2009

3 people has influenced by YUI’s style in my college~
I know her and i ever heard her music also, but it didn’t catch my attention at first listen like YUI did, and i prefer Ai Otsuka better, but i thought i need to listen again her newer music~

She is good and pretty after all~

7 09 2009

the newcomer is different to YUI, YUI have her own style of music and so does she~ but lots people got influence from YUI’s playing guitar~ so its cool~ 🙂

7 09 2009

i’m a huge fan of YUI.i’ve watched Shuji Shion PV once (i forgot what song it is)..i like her.but, for me, no one can beat my YUI-sama.

12 09 2009

i haven’t follow tsuji shion’s story yet

as long as no one do plagiarism and/or copy-ing other person’s/people’s personality/personalities in order to be well-known by everyone

that was an opinion about this kind of topic
just an opinion from me about this kind of topic
just a thought from me about this kind of topic

it is okay if you are not agree with me
that was an opinion
just an opinion

12 09 2009

the whole reason i started listening to Tsuji Shion is becuz she was being compared to YUI I love YUIs music but I also have begun to appreciate Tsuji Shion’s as well. Thank you for this post, I’d like more people to try out Tsuji she’s pretty good

12 09 2009

i’m a huge fan of YUI.i’ve watched Shuji Shion PV once (i forgot what song it is)..i like her.but, for me, no one can beat my YUI-sama.

17 09 2009

man didn’t know people would notice some popularity with Tsuji Shion, and really looking forward to her 1st album. hope yui gets back to more acoustic-ness and tsuji shion to… sing mroe songs? three cheers for these 2 artists!

18 10 2009
David .C

hey, i got influenced by YUI to play a guitar

26 10 2009

Shion is great. I knew her when I watched Tokyo Magnitude’s Ending Song because I never watched Bleach (since I don’t like it too much). M/elody is the best new japanese song that I’ve heard. After knowing her name (Tsuji Shion), I downloaded her other songs and it turned out that she has some other nice songs (like Sky Chord ,Naminori, etc).

About YUI, yeah, I totally agree with the thread maker. She WAS very good. I liked her old songs VERY MUCH, but I don’t find her newer songs that good anymore….

About their appearance? Frankly speaking, YUI is much prettier though…. 😀

20 11 2009
sayuri :)

tsuji shion is good..
but yui is better..

20 11 2009

So cool! shion tsuji Keren!!!

24 11 2009

Tsuji Shion is good. But it makes no sense to compare her to YUI. YUI’s early music style and even her style now is completely different from Tsuji Shion. Tsuji Shion’s music is very cheerful pop, not as deep as YUI’s music.

30 01 2010

Some people said that there is no old YUI or new YUI, of course YUI is YUI but her music has definitively changed.
“From Me to You” is by far the best album from here.

3 04 2010

wahaha, I don’t know about that….
but I’m Tsuji Shion’s and YUI’s fans. haha thx for the informations!!!!

12 04 2010

There’s no reason to think that,Yui has a very different style than Tsuji,both are pretty good singers.

15 05 2011

tsuji is good but yui’s different so there is no doubt that YUI is much better than tsuji \m/ (rock on with YUI)

15 05 2011

tsuji is good but YUI is different so there is no doubt YUI chan is better than tsuji . \m/(rock with YUI) !!!!

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