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26 01 2008
Nic Lavroff

I have my Radeon 7000 (PCI) hooked up to my Dell flatscreen (via dvi), and to my external monitor via RGB. Until recently, I was able to use Theater mode to watch full-screen video on my external monitor (via the Overlay setting in the control panel). But this stopped working. Now I am getting the same picture on both monitors, and because the external monitor is lower resolution (800×600) the picture scrolls around when I move the mouse.

I am also experiencing crashing when I try to play a video file (using any video player). I don’t know if these problems are related, but they both started happening at the same time. I hope you can help me.


28 01 2008

I’ve tested with a second monitor on my PC running under Vista with Catalyst 8.1, so I don’t know if it will same for you.

1st: Check your driver version for you the latest is 6.11 and install it in express mode.
(Misc.)Try to uninstall your codecs in the same the time and install k-lite codec pack.

2nd: Open ATI CCC (right click on desktop), go to display manager section and verify if your second monitor is detected.

3rd: Go to Avivo Video->Theater Mode and set it up like this.

Then Click OK
I should be in “Extended Mode” if you clone your monitor 1 (PC monitor), your resolution will be decrease to your second monitor max resolution. For me : 1400*1050 down to 1024*768 and you’ll have 2 same desktop (2 cursors). So let’s use the “Extended mode”.

4th: Now you should see something on your 2nd monitor or TV, you wallpaper I guess.

5th: Open a video with your default video player and drag it to your 2nd monitor until you see your cursor in the 2nd screen. Now just double click on your video player you watch in full screen. Double Click again to return in window mode.

I hope it work for you now.

12 05 2008
Struggling law student

Hello, how did you license your blog with CC? I mean, i was able to license my other blog under it, but i don’t know where to put the license in wordpress. Thx.

12 05 2008

Well, I just copied the picture then a link it to CC license.

27 12 2009

Volume S.K.I.N exist at all? If so then I would like to know where I can find pictures and songs from them. Actually also have its own website?

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