V.I.P – Utada Hikaru

12 03 2008

Too bad… It wasn’t what I expected but there was a massive amount of new info regarding the tracks on her upcoming Japanese album, “HEART STATION.”

Fight the Blues / Heart Station

The choice to use HEART STATION as the album title was quite random, as Utada casually chose the name as it sounded very appropriate for a Title.

Beautiful World / Flavor of life ~Ballad Version~ / Stay Gold

Kiss & Cry / Gentle Beast Interlude / Celebrate

Gentle Beast Interlude and Celebrate were originally part of the same demo, but were split up for their respective tracks. There is said to be a smooth transition between these songs. “Celebrate” was the last song created for the album, and Utada mentions that she wanted it to be an upbeat song, as most of the last songs created for her albums are darker and more ballad oriented.

Prisoner of Love / Take 5 / Boku wa Kuma

With Prisoner Of Love, Utada utilized chords which she describes as “the ones that come easiest to me.” She references other tracks as having a similar structure, and she explains that she originally shyed away from using these chords for fear of accidentally rehashing old material, but decided that it was far more unnatural to avoid doing something for the sake of avoiding it. She also mentions a J-Drama tie-up (which has yet to be confirmed), and thematically the producers wanted lyrics that could relate to both lovers and friends.

Prisoner Of Love has strings, which are more intense in nature, required her to create lyrics that would be easier to annunciate, making the singing on the song lighter and keep the track from dragging down and becoming heavy. The song was originally written in English.

The music track for Take 5 was actually created for “ULTRA BLUE.” It was very difficult to create lyrics for the song, so she approached them more as writing for literature than for a song. She found them to be a bit strange, but thought it fit in with the vibe of the track. She found inspiration in the work of poet Miyazawa Kenji’s ”Ginga-Tetsudou no Yoru.”

Boku wa Kuma played a vital role in shaping the outcome of this album. It allowed Utada to realize how important it is to loosen up, and to not take things too seriously. This more relaxed, soft side is reflected in much of the songs in the album, and allowed her to create tracks that she would not have been able to otherwise.

Niji-iro Bus

Niji-iro Bus has an “analog sound,” something Utada has not done in a long time. Thematically, the song is very melancholic, talking about everybody’s longing to go to a place beyond their current reality. The interviewer describes the song as seeming to come from an adolescent point of view, hypothesizing that because of Utada’s sudden rise to fame at such a young age, perhaps she is going back and re-experiencing adolescence from a 25 year-old’s perspective, thereby creating something fresh.

Hikki’s general statements:

  • When asked about the possibility of a tour to promote “HEART STATION,” Utada mentions that she first needs to continue working on her upcoming English language album (through Island Records/IDJ). She also mentions that she has already begun work on the album.
  • Regarding her divorce last year from Kiriya Kazuaki and its affect on her music, Utada states that they were heading in an unhealthy direction where she was feeling the need to be validated by her husband’s opinion. She says when two strong minded individuals are together, often times it becomes difficult to differentiate one person’s opinion from the other’s. Much like a child always look for kind words from a parent, there was a part of her that was heading in that direction with her husband. She came to realize that the only person’s validation she needed was her own. She gained confidence as a result of her divorce.
  • The interviewer mentions that “death” seems to play a role in many of the tracks off of “HEART STATION.” Utada agrees, with many tracks dealing with closure and endings. “Stay Gold” has a ghostly sound, she says, with vocals that seem very whispered. “Take 5″ also deals directly with death. Utada mentions that she respects the idea of death as something not to be feared but as a place that seems restful. The idea of death has always appealed to her.
  • Hitting 25, she feels like her outlook on the future has become more hopeful. She feels like she has become more tough, and imagines that becoming older will only strengthen that. She says she now imagines having children, and how that has given her more hope for the future.

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8 responses

13 03 2008


‘Fight The Blues’ sounds pretty good. 8D Techno-ish background?

26 03 2008

I really like this album 🙂 Especially Beautiful World (which I’d heard before – amazing) Prisoner of Love and Nijiiro Bus.

29 03 2008

Prisoner Of Love was originally written in English??? Does that mean she might include it on her new English album? I would be SO excited if she did. : )

That said, I heard somewhere that Take 5 ended abruptly because it had that theme of death. Supposedly, life ends suddenly, just as the song does… ? Hmm…

17 05 2008

thanks for the explanation! though i’m a bit late, i’m finally listening to Utada’s HeartStation album for the first time…and of it “Take 5” may be my favorite. since i don’t speak the language, i had no clue about the themes of death and such, so once again THANKS!

14 02 2009

It seems the Kiss&Cry video was accidentally double posted. Could you upload the Beautiful World video? That one is missing.

14 02 2009


10 03 2009

I knew the song Take 5 dealt with death, even if she hides it in interviews, some of the parts she’s singing, she’s on the verge of tears…

21 02 2010

Thanks for the uploads. I really enjoyed this album. Great to have some background info on what goes on in her head when she wrote the songs….


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