Play Aion on Windows 7 32 Bits

3 08 2009

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It’s off topic but it should help some Aion’s players.

For “error 0” please refer to this topic.

Many people got the “error 114” when they try to launch on Windows 7 (and may be on Vista too).

Here are my settings to run Aion on Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 Build 7600 32 Bits + Avast Home V4.8 + Comodo Firewall 3.10.102363.531 + Aion

Comodo must be install WITHOUT “Defense +” please select “Only Firewall” when you install it. Once install deactivate Windows firewall. My firewall is set to default options.

I’m using Windows XP SP3 Compatibility and Aion must be launched with with admin rights.

EDIT: Aion has been updated to avoid to deactivate the anti-virus.

For Avast, you should hit “Pause” or even “Terminate” to the “Standard Shield” service before launched Aion. (Re-launch it only after you quit the game.)

Gameguard should update to the latest version (Which should support Windows 7 … ).

After that Aion should launched normally:

Aion on Win7


PS: Gameguard = shit.




One response

4 08 2009
aion kina

So far I’ve read alot of mixed reviews about aion online. It looks like a promising game. I guess I’ll just have to wait until this game is release. Anyway, thanks for installation tips! I’ll probably check it again once I got a copy of the game.

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