YUI Breaking 2009 Top Weekly Sales Record

11 06 2009


According to Oricon’s article, YUI’s single「again」 breaks her previous record of 85.000 copies of 「LOVE & TRUTH」 single sold in a week.

The previous highest weekly sale was achieved by Ayumi Hamasaki’s [Rule/Sparkle], which sold a total of over 95.000 copies.

YUI – 「again」 Sales:

06/02 – 33,816
06/03 – 32,238
06/04 – 16,141
06/05 – 9,110
06/06 – 9,760
06/07 – 8,494

TOTAL: 109,559


Oricon: who would you want to become?

29 05 2009

Weekly entertainment magazine ORI☆STAR polled 700 male and female readers on which famous person they would like to try being. []

Men’s Category:

  1. Masaharu Fukuyama
  2. Hiro Mizushima
  3. Takuya Kimura
  4. Koshi Inaba
  5. Kazutoshi Sakurai
  6. Hiroshi Tamaki
  7. Hiroshi Abe
  8. Tsuyoshi Domoto
  9. Shun Oguri
  10. Joe Odagiri

Women’s Category:

  1. Namie Amuro
  2. Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. Aoi Miyazaki
  4. Ayaka
  5. Becky
  6. Haruka Ayase
  7. Yui Aragaki
  8. Maki Horikita
  9. Kou Shibasaki
  10. YUKI

and you?

Source: oricon

Oricon: Winter Love Songs

15 12 2008

TOP10 of Winter Love songs by Oricon’s readers. Read the rest of this entry »

Oricon: Who do you want to spend Christmas with?

15 12 2008

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YUI’s B-sides a big hit

19 11 2008

シンガーソングライター・YUIのアルバム未収録のカップリング曲を収録したベストアルバム『MY SHORT STORIES』が発売1週目で17.4万枚を売上げ、11/24付週間アルバムランキングで首位に初登場した。カップリング(B面)集による首位獲得は、昨年5/21付のMr.Childrenの『B-SIDE』以来、1年半ぶり。女性アーティストとしては、1984/3/26付LPランキングで松田聖子『Touch Me』が記録して以来、24年8ヶ月ぶり史上2組目の快挙となった。

Singer songwriter, YUI‘s latest album containing previous coupling songs, My Short Stories, has reached sales of 174 000 copies in the first week, and has attained the top in the album ranking chart on 24th November. The previous coupling album that has reached the top of the chart is Mr Children’s “B-Side” on 21st May last year. It has been 1 1/2 years since then. As for the previous female artiste who have achieved this feat, it is Matsuda Seiko’s “Touch Me”, which is 24 years 8 months ago. YUI is the second female artiste whose coupling album hit the top of the album ranking chart. Read the rest of this entry »

Oricon: Favorite Artist 2008

14 11 2008

Oricon has revealed this year’s Favorite Artist selected by 20,000 readers.

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Oricon: sexy voices

7 11 2008


Which celebrities have a sexy voice? Oricon asked a thousand men and women that question in a poll taken last month.

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