Spotlight on Nico Nico Collabo !

4 02 2010

Amateurs also deserves to be featured on this blog that’s why I opened a dedicated category for them named “Spotlight on …

Now, to start this new category of artists, ~listentheworld~ is proud to present you “Nico Nico Collabo” !

A little remind:

NicoNico Douga is in Japan what’s Youtube is for U.S and Dailymotion for France however as already explained in the article “Introduction to Vocaloid“, Nico Nico Douga is really a place for collaborative content creation less than ‘awesomeness’ individual performances.

Main subject:

With this idea of collaboration in mind, let’s back to our subject.

Three years have passed since Nico Nico video started, 3 individual singers of Nico: halyosy, that and is came with the concept they called “Let’s Nico-Nico together!”.

End 2009, they gathered 29 amateur/semi-pro singers and instrument players from Nico to perform a collaborative song titled “Smiling“. For their creators, this song was made to become a bridge among people, as well as make them smile.


(Password: Smiling)

Vocaloid has a big influence on Nico, that’s why it’s not rare to find some of these singers performing mainly Vocaloid songs. Just for example, here is an other vocal collaboration on the original song of Dixie Flatline – Just be Friends (halyosy is participating).

A other example I have in mind is the Nico’s legendary singer “nagi “also known as “Gazelle”. After have cover many popular songs (Sakamoto Maaya, SPEED, Sound Horizon, supercell) she made her major debut by giving her voice to the 1st single of supercell titled “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari“. I’ll talk more about her in a other post.

As you see, Nico is a such great place to discover rising Japanese artists and in this case, singers.

I put the complete list of performers like that you can watch their other works. (Nico account is required).

Of course they’re all hiding behind their nickname and avatar to preserve their anonymity :p

See you in next “Spotlight on …” post !



Official Website




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