Best Drummers of the World

31 07 2008

Same ranking with “Top 10 Best Drummers ever“:

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31 07 2008

so yoshiki is the number 2 eh? can’t say i’m surprised. rock on

18 08 2008
the rev

The Rev should be at least number 3 i think he’s insane!

23 09 2008

Yoshiki is the Best!!

9 11 2008

Are you people mad? It is an un-entertainable fact that Chris Slade is by far the best drummer in the World!!!!

8 01 2010

yes chris slade is a good drummer but not the best sorry bud!!!

23 12 2008

Neil Peart is the best drummer in the world!!! you would know if you saw hisdrum solo in Rio you wont believe it!!!!

28 12 2008

Tré Cool by far

8 01 2010

hahahahaha thats a good one!

31 12 2008

Buddy Rich y Gene Krupa are the best drummers in the history of the music, obviusly that are other very very very good, but, Gene and Buddy are Gods…

15 01 2009

In my opinion the Best drummers are David Mckintosh, The Rev, Tony Royster jr, Joey Jordison and Neil Peart. I cant decided who is the best out of those because they are all just as good as one another just in different ways.

15 01 2009

Niel Peart … case closed!

19 06 2009

Your right

28 01 2009
bali web design

Travis barker is the best

12 02 2009

Akira Jimbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 03 2009

John Bonham is the best drummer who ever lived!!!!!!!!!! Led-Zeppelin is the best band ever created!!!!!!

12 03 2009

come Steven Adler is the best rock drumer of time Guns and Roses rocks

17 03 2009

Are you people mental in the head, Dave Weckl is the best by a landslide. You ain’t heard nothin until you listen to the talent of some jazz drummers. So shut your yap on rock drummers until you hear some of them.

29 04 2009

joey jordison is the best

29 04 2009

Gorilla Monsoon

30 04 2009

I agree about the Jazz drummers being underrated. Billy Cobham immediately comes to my mind first in the Jazz/Fusion category. I favor Buddy Rich as the prototypical and revolutionary greatest of all time, if not for skill and chops that were at the time never before seen or challenged seriously (with the exception of Krupa), then for the revolutionary technique and styles that came from this man and can be seen and heard in drummers of all styles today. Gene Krupa is of course the very worthy runner up as the drumset master of all time alongside Rich. Aside from Cobham, Rich, and Krupa, my personal favorites are Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Dave Weckl, and Matt Abpts in no particular order, and not necessarily for level of expertise, but overall technique, versatility, and sound. Scott Johnson, Ralph Hardimon, and similar artists all top the list when it comes to rudimental drumming and corps. Evelyn Glennie is certainly one of my favorite concert/orchestral percussionists, especially on Marimba / Vibraphone / Xylophone / etc; not only is she a master percussionist, she has been profoundly deaf since before she was 12!

8 01 2010

how about louie belson who is the first drummer to ever use double bass

13 05 2009

THE REV awesome style of drumming!

17 05 2009

At one time I thought Rock Drummers were all that there was to listen to?? Man Was I wrong. I finally woke up and began listening to this so called drummer by the name of Buddy Rich. That did it for me. I threw all my rock and roll drummers out the window. They are nothing more than boring over rated drummers. The man I listen to now is Buddy Rich. Reason why? Very simple Buddy Rich played so much better than all the rock drummers. Buddy was heads and shoulders a better drummer in ideas in phrasings and shadings. By this I mean that Buddy Rich could play soft very very soft and then build his drumming up like a ocean wave. Its not how loud you play (like Rock Drummers how pound and play extra loud) Buddy Rich played the finest drums without blasting a set of drums. My pick and my favorite drummer is Buddy Rich. Just take time out and watch a video of Buddy Rich behind a set of drums. Or better yet just listen on a compact disc of any Buddy Rich Big Band material and you will see how tremendous of a drummer Buddy Rich was. The finest drummer ever. Buddy Rich

25 05 2009

Without a doubt Buddy Rich was way ahead of his time. Every time I see a television show that has a drummer on playing he usualy has a hard time using his left stick. Its really simple rock beats that sound like a machine that is broke or stuck in one pattern. Buddy Rich would make his complete drum set a choir of musical sounds. Each and every one of his cymbals had a definite tone. All of his drums were tuned perfectly. You could hear music coming out of his drum set. I get a kick out of rock and fusion and heavy metal drummers today. They actually pound on the cymbals and play so darn loud that their drums are really cardboard boxes. No music there just a lot of thunder and noise. You can say in all sincerity and honesty that they dont make drummers today that can play one percent of what Buddy Rich did or Gene Krupa did. They dont play clean precison rolls or clean rudiments they just bang bang and bang some more. Also take note drummers today dont even use a set of brushes or use brush work at all. And as far as ride cymbal co ordination and bass drum playing off beats and using co ordination??? Forget it. Just a flood of loud loud extra loud noise. Once again got to agree with Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich had it all. Class Drummer who could play soft soft soft and then build up to a loud sound but them coming back down to soft. His drums were a musicians dream. Today unfortunately its nothing but layers and layers of noise and more noise. Buddy Rich the Greatest Drummer there will never be another Buddy Rich.

25 05 2009

Bob Bryar My Chemical Romance

5 06 2009

my favorite drummers:
tetsu kikuchi
minato masafumi

14 06 2009

Super descriptions of Buddy Rich. The one thing about Buddy Rich that impressed a lot of people was that he surrounded himself with great musicians who could really play. You get guitar players who play ear splitting loud and props like flashing lights and extra loud amps you hear drummers today that have no where to go but just exhibit noise and nothing to do with drumming. Buddy Rich and his Buddy Rich Big Band had all the ingredients of great musicians who played class music not noise. All those drummers today do are just play easy easy rock beats and really theres nothing there at all just repeated drum patterns. Saw Buddy Rich play drum solos and every single beat on a cymbal a snare a tom a bass drum was musical not noise. He had chops and his rolls para diddles were smooth even and precise. Buddy Rich also blended his drumming to the musicians he was playing with. Every drum in Buddy Richs drum set sounded like a musical instrument. Have to agree Buddy Rich was the Greatest Drummer Ever.

19 06 2009

Neil Peart-Rush
Best drummer ever

25 06 2009

the rev is #1 and thats it!

2 01 2010

Yeah man rock on!!! \m/(^.^)\m/

29 06 2009

If you would put the Reverend and Neil Peart on a stage with their complete drum outfits and all the extra bass drums and toms and loads of cymbals let them play and play on and think they are great? A big big Joke. In comes Buddy Rich and makes them sound and look like children. Peart and the Reverend and Lars and Travis and the list goes on are really the same carbon copy type of drummer. Buddy Rich could and would out class them in every way. First Buddy had a cleaner drum sound. His ideas were heads and shoulders above all the Rocker Drummers. Its a total waste of time to watch and listen to the curent list of drummers. They all sound and pound alike. Buddy Rich was simply the Greatest of the Greatest Drummers ever.

7 07 2009

Yoshiki definetely one of the greatest drummers of all time. Moreover he is one of the most talented all around musicians of our time. In the (29 min – 34 min live) song ‘Art of Life’ which is btw a semi heavy metal song he played the drums for about 15 astounding minutes, but then went on to also play a 9 min piano solo in the same song too. Furthermore he also composed the entire song. His drumming alone makes him a fantastic musicians but throw in the pianist side and the composer, and he is simply astounding.

9 07 2009

Sad way to see a hotel in our town get torn down? Buddy Rich Big Band played there in 1985 and I can remember it just like it was yesterday? There was a Lounge Band playing some Fusion Heavy Metal Rock and Buddy came in the lobby wearing shades and the rest of his Band were all ready set up and ready to go.? Buddy gave this Rock Heavy Metal Band a Dirty Look and you could see that he disliked their playing?? Anyway the Heavy Metal Rock Group stopped their nonsense and Buddy and his Big Band Kicked off with a Chart called Ready Mix. His drums were tuned so Perfect and his Big Band sounded like a Huge jet airplane just warming up. I noticed one thing that night. Lots of young people in the Audience getting a close up of the Worlds Greatest Drummer. What an experience that was. I shall never forget seeing and hearing the excitement Buddy Rich brought out of those Slingerland Radio King Drums and his Out Standing Big Band. Buddy Rich the Worlds Greatest Drummer.

8 01 2010


12 07 2009

Back in l966 saw Buddy Rich play at a local school campus on stage. I was studying music and earning my degree. The talk of the entire school for over seven months that Buddy Rich Big Band was coming to teach us a lesson in Big Band Jazz? I heard so much about Buddy Rich and how great his Big Band was and this was my chance? Oh man. Oh WOW. what an evening of pure music excitement. The thing that stood out most for me that night was the way Buddy Rich comanded a set of drums. He had young players in his Big Band and I thought these young players would over Shadow him and make him sound like an old man behind a set of drums. I was dead Wrong. Buddy Rich was like a huge Electro Generator that never ever stopped he just kept driving and forcing his Big Band to play better and better. His Ride Cymbal Work was Clean Virgin Clean Precise. Each of his drums his snare was crisp his toms floor and small toms were tuned perfectly. That BASS Drum of his was a joy to hear. He would punctuate all the brass figures from the trumpets saxes and Buddy and his Bass Man would really put a punch in that Band. The crowd went nuts. I remember them throwing all the spot lights off and he did this chart. Called Channel One Suite. at the end of the First Set . We went off to try and talk to him but he went back to his Bus for a Break. he came back did another great tremendous set and ended on a drum solo on a chart called West Side Story. We went to all the music classes for the next following months and all we talked about for days was Buddy Rich and the Buddy Rich Big Band. Local Vinyl Record shop sold out of any and all Buddy Rich material. To this Date I can not hear one drummer out there who could play with the Precise Expertise of Buddy Rich. Still the Greatest Drummer to Draw Breath. Buddy Rich

19 07 2009

1968 was the Year. All the local newspapers kept advertising that the Buddy Rich Big Band was supposed to play at a local Howard Johnson Motor Lodge. My fellow musician buddy and I were always wanting to hear and see this Buddy Rich drummer man that was featured on Johnny Carson so much. So we saved up money and bought the tickets and had a supper dinner package and two sets of the Budy Rich Big Band. I can remember seeing these White Slingerland Band stands and Richs Set of Drums set up Front. It was sort of like waiting to see Mohamd Ali come into the Arena for the Big Fight or seeing Mickey Mantle Hit a Home Run out of the Park. All the guys in his Big Band were wearing Navy Blue Double Breasted Blazers and Buddy came dressed in a Sweater and pair of Slacks like he was going to a Casual Picnic. I could not figure that out?? But when he got behind those Slingerland White Marine Pearl Drums and kicked off this Chart called Ready Mix I swear he played so Fast and Clean and Accurate it sounded like a Concord Jet Taking off and Soaring thru the Air. His hands were a Blur but the Band was Tight and Buddy was the King. Most Definitely the King of Drums Period. He ended both sets with long drums solos but those Drum Solos were just not ordinary ordinary drum solos they were percussion story books complete with a begining middle and end. You could say that when you heard Buddy Rich take a drum solo live it was kind of like Watching a Spreading Fire Storm. He started those drum solos off so delicate and serene but he would gradually tell a story complete with a punch line and dynamic unpredictable ending that had all the super power of a thousand and hundreds and hundreds of never ending poly rhythms and susper outstanding grand finales of percussion. I have seen so many drummers attempt to play a drum solo but they fall short on ideas and excitement. With out a Doubt Buddy Rich surpassed all the drummers out there yesterday and today. Buddy Rich the most gifted drummer ever.

7 09 2009

The best drummer in the world is joey jordison

31 05 2010

joey jordison is the best drummer ever and thats a fact

11 10 2009

Joey Jordison really is playing what you hear in a high school drum line snare line. All high school drum lines play those warm ups and Joey just adds his two bass drums. Really there is nothing special to his drumming. But you have to take into consideration he needs special amps and stage effects. This is not drumming this is just a circus prop. If you put a drummer behind a small standard set of drums and let him play straight time and tell him not to depend on loud guitars and amps and just let him be imaginative. I seriously dont think many drummers out there today could hold your imagination. There was a guy called Jimmy Vincent who played with Louie Prima back in the l960s. I saw him play a drum solo one time on the side of a wrist watch. He did not need two bass drums or one hundred cymbals. Its not how you play behind a lot of drums its how you swing and how you syncopate a drum. Remember Loud does not mean better.

19 10 2009

All of the comments and fans really make this a nice place to describe drummers and styles. Granted each and every drummer have played magnificent drums. Got to give each drummer a chance to express himself. At one time I remember hearing old style corny drumming in Dixieland type and I did not care for Dixieland Drums. Then I heard be bop and progressive Jazz and then Rock drumming came into focus. Different generations have different styles and you got to accept each generation for what they like. Give every generation a chance. But I will agree that Buddy Rich really was the Greatest Drummer ever. No matter what style or what type of music Buddy Rich could maintain his title as the Worlds Greatest Drummer.

24 10 2009
No One

You guys have way too much time on your hands. Worlds best drummer is an opinion and relative to who your favorite band and type of music is. To me, it’s all about pioneering and being able to stand the test of time. Only one person holds both titles in those dept. Buddy Rich. Sure, there’s tons of modern day rockers that can bang the hell out of the skins at a million miles a minute but, Buddy Rich is by far the all time greatest. Not just the greatest drummer but, one of the greatest musicians of all time.

24 11 2009
Joey Jordison Snare

Joey should be #1 on that list. Unbelievable.

18 12 2009

Joey Jordinson is in a lot of peoples brains today. Thats a Joke because he is really not that great. What he is doing is something the average high school drummer plays. He is not a technician by a long shot. Sit Joey down and and put on a Buddy Rich Video of Buddy. Joey would have to start all over again and pay attention to what drumming is all about. Buddy Rich was the beginning and end of drumming. Sort of reminds me of a kid who has the greatest base ball equipment. New glove. New Bat. New Ball Brand New Spikes the Best of everything and then you have the kid who has the basics not fancy base ball equipment but he gets up to plate and smacks home runs all the time. The kid with nothing makes all the plays. the Super Player. Buddy Rich was like that. He had a simple set of drums no fancy hardware just a basic set of drums. and Buddy came out Wailing and out drummed all of them . He made Krupa turn upside down and Gene said it. Greatest Drummer to Draw Breath. Buddy Rich. Once again its Buddy Rich the King of Drummers. Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich.

21 12 2009

Jojo Mayer is definitely the best living drummer. The holy trinity of living drummers is completed by Steve Gadd and Marco Minneman.

27 12 2009

Saw and heard Marco live. Was there with Jojo and ofcourse Steve. Nice guys but really nothing to get excited about. Thats really not exciting drumming just lots of Plastic sounding drums that leave you wanting to not come back and wanting not to stand in line to see them. Ho hum just boring sounding. If you take a formica table top and let them do their thing they will make you want to fall asleep. Sorry ten years from now they will sound Boring and just the same and more Same. Now lets switch gears and put a Buddy Rich Big Band Drum solo on. And there you have it the total science of drumming and the way a drum solo should sound. Excitement in drumming and by the way a Buddy Rich drum solo has a complete story to it a beginning and and end. What Jo Jo and Steve and Marco are playing are really same same same exercises like doing push ups and chin ups and running around the track in circles. Buddy Rich was seventy five thousand times more a drummer and technician.

2 01 2010


5 01 2010

You know what gets me mad about how the guys have been playing rock drums all these years?? I will tell you its the same old Rock phrasings on the high hat and the double bass drums? They have been doing this for years and its the same old sixteenth note patterns like a kid tying his shoe laces. You really have not progressed as far as a drummer goes it you stick with Metal and Rock drumming its sort of like being stuck in junior high school and you have no way of graduating and getting into a more complex groove. You mite just put a monkey or chimpanzee behind a drum kit and let him play Rock Heavy Metal and you could watch them at the zoo playing the same boring Rock Drums. So in order to get out of the Robot Groove I changed my drumming tates to all Jazz. Jazz drumming has more skill and taste to it. So I decided without a doubt to be proficient in the Art of Jazz Drumming. Rock Heavy Metal is Noise Making . Jazz Drumming is an Art.

8 01 2010

ok im a drummer im not gunna tell you who is the best drummers but who has inspired me and who i think should be in the runnings ok neil peart,john bonham,keith moon,buddy rich,louie belson,dave grohl,taylor hawkins,lars ulrich,vinnie paul,travis barker,Jimmy the rev sullivan rip, and joey jordison those are just some of the drummers that i have looked up to and been influenced by so have fun in debate class… and for the guy that said joey jordison sounds like a high school drumline shut the fuck up dude joey jordison doesnt need loud nething he is complex he has his own style and he plays some of the most hardest beats between double bass and snare fills ever which cannot be recreated by anyone!!!!

8 01 2010

We went to a Guitar Center Drum Clinic last Saturday and there had to be about fourty plus young drummers there and each one had a chance to display their talents. Have to admit that there was some talent there. Everyone had their own style but almost all of the young drummers there tended to repeat themselves and go back to the Same Rock Sounding Drum beats. At the end of the clinic they played a Buddy Rich Drum Solo on a wide screen television set with surround sound. I think the song was called West Side Story? Anyway after Buddy Rich played this awesome Drum Solo the manager said in a loud voice. You have just seen and heard the Master Drummer of all Time. Mr. Buddy Rich. He then said. Any Questions? That was it. Buddy Rich

17 03 2010

Right on time on all the comments on Buddy Rich. Those comments are exact to the tee. No use in compairing or mentioning names like Joey Jordison or Travis Barker or Lars . Those type of drummers are dime a dozen. You seen them one time and thats it. Just one time and they are playing drums that a nursery school kid plays. Little kids just banging away.

23 03 2010

Got to hand it to Buddy Rich. he played head and shoulders above all the current drummers out there. Man any one who knows anything about drumming and I mean fantastic drumming knows that Buddy Rich was the master. These guys playing today are just a total waste of time. First indication to show you how terrible rock heavy metal drummers are? they pound their drums like construction workers pounding nails . Man why even use sticks? Just use sledge hammers or baseball bats. As far as cymbal work goes and expertise their is none. Cymbals are supposed to be played like an artist?? Hell these guys are smashing cymbals like plates falling on a floor. Total tons of noise. As far as class drumming? You got to be kidding? And if you want to spend hard earned money stick with rock heavy metal drumming and you will need hearing aids and batteries. You will go deaf. But then again you can get a lot of tatoos and earings in your nose and you will be deaf but you will look great. Forget drumming skills just play stone deaf loud.

31 03 2010

Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m currently using drumming guide type of layout.

5 05 2010

Special day for me was when we were studying musical composition and arranging at school. Instructor was a phenominal man who knew the ins and outs of music period. whether it be jazz rock and roll or country western this man knew how to arrange and make music a thrill for any one. Anyway it was Boston Massachusets back in the early l970s. Buddy Rich and his new big band were in town. We all made it a point to go and see Buddy and his drums and his dynamic swinging big band. let me tell you what we saw that night in Boston and what we heard. was simply amazing and breath taking and just hard to express in words. Buddy Rich was a human dynamo and a drummer who really was something else. I would say that Buddy Rich comanded a set of drums. None better out there. Buddy Rich. the man. Buddy Rich the greatest drummer ever. no ands ifs or buts. Buddy Rich

6 05 2010

Dude wtf? It is most fuckin right that Joey Jordison is the best dude. Then Travis Barker. I think every boby talks down Joey because there jelious of him because hes way fucking better then you so shut the hell up. Joey would probably kick ur ass any day in a frigin drum battle. the hole fuckin band rocks. Ive been to ten concerse and all back stage of them all so fuck off. He is one of the koolest guys and NOT to rub it in or anything BUT HE IS THE DOWN RIGHT MOST FUCKING AWESOME DRUMMER OF ALL TIME. Did I get it throught ur fucking head have u even heard him play live. I was standing right behind him once when he played FUCKING crazy so Fuck off. Peice the FUCK out.


6 05 2010

For all you crazy FUCKING slipknot fans that like JOEY is Down Right the best FUCKING drummer ever speak the FUCK up know some he knows its true.


8 07 2010

Joey Jordison is not even worth talking about. First he is doing nothing more than pounding a drum kit. If you want to take drumming ideas from Joey Jordinson you do not pay any drum teacher at all . Just go to a junk yard and watch guys slamming hammers on metal trash cans and pipes. Save your self money and do not buy any drum kits just buy cardboard boxes and hammers and you will sound just like Joey Jordinson a lot of noise and heavy metal pounding. thats not drumming thats noise.

9 08 2010

Lars Ulrich!! is the fucking best drummer

18 08 2010

So without being too critical had to give a listen to this Lars Ulrich. Give him a chance and an honest opinion. Lars Stays on the Snare Drum and plays single stroke rolls and smashes cymbals. No such thing as a change in tempo or dynamics. Lars is just another example of lets see how fast I can play a single stroke roll and then Just Smash Cymbals. Theres nothing there to compare. Super Loud Smashing drum sounds that really are elementary. Nothing at all. One minute of his so called drum solo was boring and full of noise.

22 09 2010

MIKE PORTNOY … nuff said

5 10 2010

Are you all dumb? HAHAH! The Rev was definately the best drummer in the world until his passing. He is GOD!

11 10 2010

Seperate the loud noise makers like the Reverend and Travis and Joey and any so called drummer that pounds and pounds and plays ear splitting noise. Instead of hearing aid companies making money on making us become deaf I changed my drummer to Buddy Rich. Prefer Buddy Rich.

3 11 2010

Wait a second! You all can’t judge who the best is utill you see Mike Portnoy. He already re-made Neil Pearts solo and made it even crazier, he was the ide of Joey “The Rev” Sullivan, and there’s NOTHING the dude can’t play! Just look up Constant Motion on youtube. He makes it look like soooooo easy, but if you look at it, your mind can’t even comprehend what he’s doing! And for Joey Jordison, he’s good, but his timing doesn’t compare to Portnoy’s.

8 12 2010
joseph adejoro

I love playing drums pls teach me how 2 play it

14 01 2011

Buddy Rich #1 definitely. To all of those saying the Rev, he was far from the best.

26 01 2011

Hey hey…..
Every person has their own taste.

I think every candidate has the right to be awarded as “the best”

FYI, I vote for yoshiki, he is really awesome for me.

peace ^^V

23 04 2011

Vinyl Records are on a comeback trail their sound and fidelity and crispness far out sound compact discs. Any way I visited a vinyl record store for the fun of it and went to the bin of records maybe fifty plus of this drummer I heard so much of called Buddy Rich. Like many I was stuck in the Joey Jordinson and Lars and Travis and Reverend Groove. Forget them. After listening to this guy called Buddy Rich on vinyl I have come to the conclusion no one can touch this guy as far as drumming goes. He had more chops more musical drumming than any drummer ever. Buddy Rich and more Buddy Rich

6 06 2011

Yep I want to comment about this drummer called Buddy Rich. Sure I heard enough of the Revered and Joey Jordinson and Lars and Mike and Travis Barker and simply put they all play the same sounding drum patterns. You put all of them together and put them on stage and they sound all alike. Now you put on a Buddy Rich record compact disc or Buddy Rich Video and you see a master drummer who has it all together. Perfect Clean satin drumming. No loud banging and nursery school drum patterns. Stop and take a listen or get a video of Buddy Rich and you will hear and see the difference. No ands ifs or buts about it. Buddy Rich Rules today tomorrow and forever. Give me Buddy Rich.

25 06 2011

There are drummers and there are drummers. Put them all on a stage behind a curtain and let them play only a sixteen bar drum solo. I used to do this and took hours of listening to all the guys. Everyone of them had the same same same basic rock or heavy metal groove. Change gears put Buddy Rich behind a set of drums and only let Buddy Rich play sixteen bars of a drum solo. Like comparing a midget to a Giant. Buddy Rich wins hands down. Buddy Rich steals the show and makes the rock drummers sound like nursery school drummers. Buddy Rich all the way.

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