Dreaming: Yoshiki ask Tetsu Please!

31 07 2008

It’s just a guess from me may be more a dream than a guess. I was thinking about the “After L’Arc~en~Ciel” for Tetsu and the “After X Japan” for Yoshiki.

For now we don’t know what Tetsu has planned to do with his 3 years of “free time”: Solo’s work, rest or… band project!

Coming to the point, Yoshiki wants to end with X Japan (First and Last World Tour), as you should know he has announced in L.A (USA) in 2007 his new band project named “S.K.I.N” featuring greatest celebrity:

  • Gackt – vocals, piano (Ex-Malice Mizer)
  • Miyavi – guitar, shamisen (Ex-Dué le Quartz)
  • Sugizo – guitar, violin (Ex-Luna Sea)
  • Yoshiki – drums, piano (X Japan)

Something missing right?! You don’t see? the BASSIST.

To make shortly L’Arc~en~Ciel will be soon in hiatus (may be end of 2008 ) just after NEXU4, X-Japan may end on 2009 first quarter. As Yoshiki hasn’t decided who’ll be the full-time bassist for his superband I wondering: Why Tetsu won’t be a part of this new band?

Why I say that?

  1. Tetsu is free (and he’s Genki!)
  2. The band is formed with mega-stars, Tetsu is a mega-star right?
  3. Yoshiki needs a great bassist and Tetsu is.
  4. Tetsu must take his revenge on Hyde. (Who said jealousy?)
  5. I want to see Tetsu in “Visual Mode” (Back to L’Arc debut O_O)
  6. Gig marketing argument!
  7. It’ll be awesome!

Dream Team

Tetsu can offer to SKIN his experience, bass play style. His Popish side combined Yoshiki’ or other members’ style should create something great.

Of course Tetsu will be always the leader of L’Arc but as Hyde did with Kaz why not Tetsu? Ken-chan got SOAP, Yuki Acid Android. It’s more like a collaboration.

Till there…I think he can make many interesting things, getting more insurance after that towards his leader’s position in L’Arc~en~Ciel.se

My little poll to finish. ^^

Do you think Yoshiki should ask tetsu (L’Arc~en~Ciel) to join his new project or vice-versa?

I wish one of them will make the first step…

If Yoshiki ask Tetsu to join must he accept?

Do you want Tetsu to join Yoshiki’s band?


(View Results)

(I hope one these Band’s leader will read this post :p)

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7 responses

31 07 2008

that would be absolutely fantastic!

1 08 2008

Yes i agree he shld be part of the team. He would be fantastic! And I need more stuff from SKIN!

2 08 2008

Well, tetsu recently got married, didn’t he? I think he’s gonig to take a 3 year vacation and spend time with his wife.

5 06 2009

leave it up to him, i hate forcing him by fangirling

23 09 2009

Tetsu’s too good for any other band except L’arc

12 12 2009
Kaoru D' LeCiel

Si!!! Tetsu!! en S.K.I.N!! sería de lo mejor!!! pues es un gran! gran!! bajista en verdad!! si!! Tetchan! en S.K.I.N!!! please!!!

18 12 2009
Sw Eden

I do not see any match of both.
Imagine Tetsu in those people.
L’Arc en Ciel look much whiter.

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