Aion Boss: Grand Chieftain Saendukal

18 11 2009

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: This was my first try to defeat Saendukal but unfortunately we were unable to defeat him. The boss has reset because he left the arena because of two spectators too close …

It’s a very hard boss, doing heavy damage, stunts, devastating attack. He’s protected by 6 elite mobs.

Our tactic was to sleep the four chamans. So the four sorcerers had to control one each while Templars goes 2 other elite mobs and one (or two) main tank on the boss. We kill the elite mobs one by one.

At each 25% of the boss’ life, he’ll cast a devastating AoE, so run as far as possible when he starts to cast. He can also grop people … :S

At 50% he will start to cast a freezing spell, transforming in statue.

I already defeated him a other time but I didn’t recorded the video. It takes around 20 minutes to kill Saendukal.





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