Younha inspired by L’Arc~en~Ciel

17 11 2008

This song is named “My Lover” by Younha, why L’Arc~en~Ciel is in it?

Listen to the song and make attention to the chorus, it was clearly taken from a song of L’Arc~en~Ciel !

Did you recognized it?

The answer is…

Dive to Blue of course !




10 responses

17 11 2008

you’re right !!! It’s impressive !!!

just a question: can we leave a comment in french ??

17 11 2008

mmm… Its a bit weird.. at the beginning of the song you can feel testus’s style and tetsu made dive to blue music so … haha

maybe a marketing strategy…

good post!

see ya

17 11 2008

Dive to blue

17 11 2008

@larukufan: pas de problème, tu peux ^^

17 11 2008

merci beaucoup je serais plus à l’aise pour répondre ^^

ça ressemble peut être pas tout au long du refrain mais y’a des moments ou on se pose vraiment la question sur l’authenticité de sa mélodie lol

19 11 2008

Yeah, it happens. Acid Breath from Janne da Arc reminds me of Blurry Eyes, and Hanabi Jack from Wada Kouji reminds me of Apollo from Porno Graffitti

23 11 2008

So would she have to pay tetsu? hehe… that’s close enough for him to sue if he wanted to…

24 11 2008

yes o.o !!
you are right >.< I did not realize that!!

kyaaa… @.@

^^ you blog is great, I invite you to my blog 😉

see you!!

28 12 2008
Count Fauzi

haha It’s so similar to “Dive to Blue”

11 02 2009

i totally noticed it RIGHT AWAY when i heard that song for the first time.
i was like WHAT.
and i couldnt get myself to believe it was coincidence though.
i mean, the melody sounds almost the same.
the timing is the same too! well for the chorus at least.
if you were to sing the chorus of DTB and ML together, it would be the same pattern.

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