Take “photos” with your iPod Touch!

9 01 2009


I just discover by chance this morning a feature little know by iPod touch owners.

Your iPod can takes “photos”! (Screenshots in fact… there is no camera ^^) so how do we proceed?

It’s simple press : “Home” button then “ON/OFF” button, you should see a quick blank screen (the flash) and here is it, you took a screenshot of your iPod!

A other interesting thing is that when you’ll plug-in on Windows Vista (for example), the OS will recognize it as a digital camera, you could explore the iPod like others external storage devices:



You have also transformed your iPod to a USB storage device!




37 responses

23 02 2009
Rick Umali

I just discovered this today! Completely by chance too. Rock!

7 04 2009

ummmmm…..thats cool i ges! but y wud u want a pic of ur screen????!!!!!

27 10 2009

u dont even no. i didnt think id need it but now i do

7 12 2009

because if u find a cook pic of somthi on the web u can take a pic of it

25 04 2011

U can take pics of the stuff u r looking at on google images

7 04 2009

hee hww

9 04 2009

u can take pictures of videos on your i pod touch pause and take pictures from Rashawn Ward Kill’em wit love

3 05 2009

Wow! This is so cool 😀 I was just wondering where I got these random pictures in my Saved Photos file and now I can take a picture whenever :]
Thanks~ ^^ v

13 05 2009

um knew tht but im really bumed tht u can only take pics of the screen

13 05 2009


14 06 2009

you dont have to take pics of your screen you can take pics of the albums and stuff

18 06 2009

How do u take photos

2 07 2009

you actually can’t use your iPod Touch as an external USB device. There’s no “paste” function enabled, neither via right-click, nor via shortcut keys. It ain’t working. So, you can only copy the screenshots from your iPod on your computer and… of course, delete the screenshots from the iPod.

This basicly sucks, as I was very happy with the screenshot-accident 😛


2 08 2009

Well, it worked for me to upload from Photobucket to another site I wanted to post a photo from my screen on my iPod touch. Thanks for the info, I am on Twitter look me up.

7 08 2009

umm why would i wana take a picture of my screen?

29 09 2009

in reply to everyone whos wondering why they would want a picture of their screen….here’s the answer.


4 10 2009

I used it to take a screenshot of google map since where i’m going i won’t have access to internetworld and i don’t want to get lost! awesome feature for me!

19 12 2009

yeah i found this ages ago and it has been driving me insane because it just does it whenever i try and lock it . has anyone had this problem cause i dont know how to stop it.

20 12 2009

I don’t get it how cuz when I press the button it turns off

21 12 2009


you gotta press “Home” + “Lock” in the same time for about a half of second (or a second :P). It works,… just… be dilligent 🙂

ps: “Home” button is the large round button… gosh that’s painfully awful to describe… well… it’s THE button on your iPod
“Lock” button aka “ON/OFF” button is the one on the top of your iPod. You usually press this one when you lock your iPod, ain’t it?

28 12 2009

this is truee ~ it’s friken amazingggg. (:

1 01 2010

omg dude this olivia girl thinks she’s cool just by sayin there aint no reason for an ipod touch to have screen shots.. well it is if you’re watching a video and theres this sick dance move you want.. just click and you got it! easy as pie… or ur e-mailing your boyfriend on myspace wifi and the next day he swares he didnt say nothing and then you prove him wrong.. ive done it…hehehe

23 01 2010

I don’t get how to do this where is the home button

29 01 2010

You hold down the home button (the circle button with the square) and you press the power save button on top. You should see a bright white light flash.

24 01 2010
touch me

I was takin a shit when I discovered this seemingly useless feature, unless your wifi’ing….or unless a add on camera is made for it one day….

29 01 2010

Ok, I see that people have problems with the home and lock button. It was cofusing to me as well until I started to mess around with the buttons.

– Ok, your a your home screen with all you apps (for example) the big black button at the bottom of your ipod is the “home button” and the button at the top left of your ipod is the “lock button” to take a pic of your screen hold both the “home and lock” button.(it will do a flash sorta thing) then to view your pictures go to photos then to “Saved Photos”

15 02 2010

Ha I know this when I got my iPod the 3rd day and I’m 11 🙂

20 02 2010

I’m guessing you need a certain update to get this feature because everytime I have seen someone do this..they have quite a few apps..and when I do it ( I only have 7 apps and no updates) it just goes into lock mode….anybody know if that’s the reason….???

18 03 2010

its very easy just click the off button and the circle button on the bottom but click them together………

10 04 2010
awesome dude

this stnks cause i thought u cood take pix just like a camera

12 04 2010

Great bit of knowlege, and for all who are confused about why you would want a screen shot of your ipod, well…
1. you found a kool picture on google, and you need it for facebook
2. you find a funky website layout and you want to post it on facebok and show your friends
3. Whatever else you may want to look at more than once. it doesnt hurt just to copy it, then if you dont want it later fine. DELETE.

20 06 2010

i just found this out today but if you think about its stupid who wants a picture of the screen????

2 08 2010
Wii Master

For those of you who can’t get it to work, try this: press the on/off/lock switch and then press on the home button. You should see a quick flash.

10 02 2011
Kaycee Hanna

i used to be able to do this but now when i do it my ipod touch goes off what shouls i do?

10 02 2011
Kaycee Hanna

should i meant lol

3 09 2010

Hahaha yeah I guess you could use it to take pictures of other people during face chat….LOL :))

24 01 2011

I still dont get how you do that!
I have an IPod Touch 4G the new ones…..

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