L’Arc~en~Ciel and X Japan: Relationship

27 10 2008

What’s kind of relationship have the biggest Japanese Rock Band …

Is L’Arc~en~Ciel like X Japan?

Here is some citations I found which said that they are not totally unfamiliar.

May be my dream is possible…

Otakon 2006:

You were seen at last night’s concert for Nana Kitade and MUCC. What was your experience seeing them and did you see both bands perform?

Yoshiki: No, I only saw MUCC perform. I also saw HYDE in Los Angeles.

What did you think of the two concerts of HYDE and MUCC?

Yoshiki: They were very good. I was also amazed at how the US fans reacted. I don’t know, they’re so enthusiastic. (laugh)

Did you expect there to be such a fan base for HYDE and MUCC?

Yoshiki: Yes, I knew what was going on, it’s just if you see it, it’s like ‘wow’.

Printed in Tokyo Japan Newspaper:

Takuro: He’s the person who explored us, the most special one ever I saw, quite charming, the one I respect most, also he’s one of my important friends.

Shinya: He’s my dream (yume).

Kaoru: He’s the person who created Japan’s modern Rock, I respect him very much.

Sugizo: Yoshiki is the very person who can change others’ life with music.

Gackt: Princess (laugh), he’s beautiful, not only the appearance, there’s nobody can word off his beauty firstly, and then attracted by his talent on music. He is the most charming people ever I saw. He is the one you can drink with, but also can talk about life in deeply. (To Yoshiki: if you be drank don’t forget give me a call, and I don’t trust other people take you home ne~!) (laugh).

Hyde: I listened to Eternal Melody II, I think I was touched very deeply, I have listened to it for a whole night silently until the tears flowed out.

Kiyoharu: X is strong, and Yoshiki is strong too.

George: Yoshiki is a miracle, his exist itself gives hope to many people.

Tetsuya Komuro: Our teamwork started with V2 and now Globe, the friendship between us is very special. He has the outstanding talent that nobody can compare to, he recognized all his life is music. Some people dislike him, but only because their jealousy, he shouldn’t suffer those all criticism. I hope he can live in happiness forever.

Hidetoshi Nakata: He’s the only one I watch close to. I cannot describe him and the shock his music brings to me in a monotonous word. I’m lucky living in the same time with him and can listen to his music.

Seiji Ozawa: He subverted all Japanese Music vision.

Ookawa Nanase: I am shocked completely by his music.

Takako Kawabata: We have been working together for many years, we have the similar meaning to many things, he’s in the front of time, I respect him very much in the same meaning.

Tadashi Okamura: If someone didn’t notice that he is the best, he must be a deaf person.

Hiroshi Yamauchi: I listened to his music from a long time ago, so it seems we know each other for a long time. I’m looking forward to our teamwork.

Jim Keves: It’s such a particular scene when I met him, I will never forget in my life. Our advertisement made us friends. His music plays the best part in the advertisement.

Ken Okuyama: You cannot imagine his enthusiasm on music. He’s a talented person and does his best (on music). His success is inevitable.

Giorgio Armani: There is unfair in the world, so some people would have the inconceivable talent.

Prime minister Koizumi: He’s a kind-hearted kid, loves music, and also loves people all are around him. He stands for all Japanese music, he gives me many wonderful memoirs. I hope he was my kinsfolk or spouse in most times.

Bill Gates: He makes me known Japan.

Nobuyuki Idei: He’s the most outstanding! He brings to us not only the enjoyment on music, but also the shock on souls. Yoshiki, give your best!

Luca Montezemolo: I was touched by his music firstly, and then we became friends for his individual character.

Adrian Boult: He has talent, wisdom and the determination that never give up all in himself, and he has everything.

Pata: He has been hurting his body since I knew him (laugh). He’s one of the most peculiar people ever I saw. He has limitless energy, and he planed all our actions. I’m lucky that we have founded the best group, X Japan. Our dream. Thank you, Yoshiki.

Taiji: I have known Yoshiki for about 20 years, it’s not responsible to describe him in a word or in a sentence. Yoshiki’s exist itself is a X. It seems cannot finish speaking the things about him. He is self-willed likes a kid, he is modest and unassuming when listened to others’ advices, most of time he is very wild but he also be gentle full of thought for others, you cannot imagine his shortcoming of life knowledge. I think he is a pure, gentle, self-respect and never give up man. If it should be describe, I think I will use “oyabun” this word. In a word, he is the fastest drummer, the most popular musician, he is also the most important friend in my life.

Heath: He is my good teacher and helpful friend, it likes a dream when I remind the experience I joined in X Japan now. Although it’s now I still remind the teamwork between us. I think he is the best musician in Japan even in Asia.

Post on Hydeist

No.71796 投稿者: HYDE 2008-05-06 23:04:32
Anyhow in that moment we didn’t know what we could do,
I was watching that live with Aki of SID, and it was a 3, 4 times tasty live with just 1 grain of rice.
It was my first time seeing Oblivion Dust, and I had watched LUNA SEA at Osaka Rockets during their indies time, but it was my first for XJAPAN, so I felt happy.
The temperature was cold though…..
I noticed that if you don’t watch many lives your view narrows.

Hyde Talks about hide

End of the Story

Well we all know the age old myth of Yoshiki offering L’Arc~en~Ciel to join his label around the DUNE era but tetsu declined because they were aiming for SONY.

Credits to: Pieces




3 responses

5 11 2008

This is really interesting. Expecially, when Gackt called Yoshiki ‘Princess!’ in public. (>_<) I thought I read it wrong, but hey! how dare him call Yoshiki like this in public ?!

Anyway, the others comments are so interesting. Could you please tell me when this article has been published ? Any special event for Yoshiki ? I think his birthday is on this month….. ummm…

25 11 2008

I would also like to know the Tokyo Japan Newspaper article this was published in. What a wonderful collection of comments!

10 12 2008

yoshiki is d best..
he’s fantastic..
he’s incredible..
he’s d best musician in d world..
i have no words anymore..
he’s just.. oh God..

he’s anger..
he’s emotion..
he’s feelin..
he’s tears..
he’s pain..
he’s eternity..

he’s music’s memory..
he’s a man of music..
a man of X Japan..
and it’s endless..

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