Introduction to Joyce Jonathan

28 01 2010

Little exception today, we’re leaving a bit Japan for a quick tour in France.

~listentheworld~ will introduce you Joyce Jonathan (20) a young French singer-songwriter.

I don’t know if many of you listen to French-pop but for me I don’t listen to it often, even if I live in France. I discover Joyce like many other people, on the web.

So I’m taking a little bit of time to talk a bit about her and especially her music.

Quick biography:

In Folk music since she was young, at 11 years old, she already wrote a couple of songs. At 18, after her graduation, she had only one thing in mind, become singer-songwriter. She started on the website MyMajorCompagny which empowers fans to finance recordings for artists they like.

She send some songs to Michael Goldman, director of MyMajorCompagny who invited her for an audition. At the end, he was amazed by her  performance and he accepted to support her.

Totally charming, with a pure and delicate voice, immediately raised her popularity to MyMajorCompagny’s users.  Supported by thousand of people, she has succeeded to collect almost 70.000€.

In December 2009 was released her 1st single “Je ne sais pas (I don’t know).

Following by “Pas Besoin De Toi” (No Need From You) few weeks later. This song was posted on MyMajorCompagny’s website to promote her 1st album.

Finally, on January 18th, 2010, she release 1st album titled “Sur mes gardes” (“On My Guard“) including 12 original songs. She became the first female artist being produced by MyMajorCompagny.

About music:

Musically this is a “Pop/Variety/Folk/Acoustic” album.

I listened the whole album and strangely I felt a familiar emotion I’ve had a long time ago with a young female artist of the same age… Yu… Yu… YUI. That’s it! I don’t want to compare them, I just point the similarity of their respective career (Both began very young, they have the same passion for writing songs, etc …).

In the album, you’ll find most of the time acoustic songs, mainly ballads. A duet with Tété is also included.

Some people compare her music with Carla Bruni’s.

Lyrics are very personal, inspired by her daily life and talking of what almost all young people in world are worried about: Love and their future. Without a big surprise, it was exactly what we expected from this young singer.

Vocally, she’s doing well.

But enough talks, here is two video clips!

Joyce Jonathan – Pas besoin de toi (No Need From You).

Joyce Jonathan – Je ne sais pas (I don’t know).

And still a lot of beautiful songs to listen. “Tant Pis” (“Nevermind“) is my favorite.

For a 1st album it started very well in the charts. She was already the subject of many medias like press, TV and Internet. An special report titled “Chanteuse, je serai…” (“Singer, I will be…”) was broadcast on France2, the national TV channel, talking about her background.

For now, she still continues to perform her songs in bars and live houses. If it continue like this, we can hope for her the same popularity that YUI has in Japan.

Her 1st album “Sur mes gardes” is now on sale trough iTunes, Amazon and Fnac. All tracks are available for preview these websites.


1. L’Heure Avait Sonné (The time had come).
2. Pas Besoin De Toi (No Need From You).
3. Je Ne Sais Pas (I don’t know).
4. Ma Musique (My music).
5. Au Bar (At the bar).
6. Prends Ton Temps (Take your time).
7. Un Peu D’Espoir (A little hope)
8. Bien Trop Simple (Although Too Simple).
9. Sur Mes Gardes Featuring – Tété (On My Guard).
10. Tant Pis (Nevermind).
11. Les Souvenirs (Memories)
12. Le Piège (The trap).

PS: Pour les visiteurs Français, par respect, merci de ne pas télécharger l’abum mais d’aller acheter le CD, Merci.

Official MySpace

Feel free to talk about it and share it !

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11 responses

30 01 2010

I’ve liked these two songs! Gonna listen her album now! Thank you!

30 01 2010

Nop, I’m glad you loved it. It’s quite rare that I talk about French-pop …

3 04 2010

i was just searching for her bio!
can i link it to my blog?
that will be awesome!!

3 04 2010

No problem. Just remember to put credits and link this article. Thx

10 04 2010

I was looking for this album everywhere.
Can you upload it again?
The megaupload link doesn´t work any more.

10 04 2010


6 05 2010

omg thanks so much! i love to hear music from all over the world and you finally introduced me to a french singer i actually like! thanks soooo much!

17 07 2010

Yaaa thanks for the intro!! I could only find “je ne sais pas” on iTunes America so it was a treat finding Jonathan’s album here 😀 YES i thought of YUI as well!! Are there any other French artists you would recommend along these lines?

8 08 2010

All right! I found her again! Thanks Dlyan! I was looking up some French music and I keep typing Joyce Johnson instead of Jonathan. Ah! I have no idea why I put Johnson! xD I need to listen and study some French before I head on back to school!

15 09 2010

Can you please upload this again? The megaload link doesn’t work anymore.

28 02 2011


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