Aion Boss: Vanuka Infernus

5 03 2010

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: This Boss appears when you complete Dark Poeta instance with Grade B.

Once enter, if you move he’ll immediately aggro.

This boss is not difficult, just be sure to heal enough the Templar, don’t let his PV down more than a half of life. An Aede is recommended for support heal.

Sometimes the boss will target randomly a member in your team and will cast a fire missile on him.

To make easier for the cleric to heal someone must announce which target is focus by the boss, like that the cleric can heal the right target at the right time. For that you must enable the game option which shows the target selected by the monster.

Vanuka also cast sleep and statue and near the end he will make pop adds.



Aion Guide: Dark Poeta Rank Chart

28 02 2010

Points and time will determine your rank and the boss you’ll get at the end of Dark Poeta.

Aion Guide: The Quest for Knights

28 02 2010

Voici un petit guide qui vous aidera sans aucun doute à terminer la 2nd quête pour l’Ensemble de plates de Miragent. (Dans mon cas car je suis Templier.)

Cette quête vous demandera d’aller à la rencontre de divers PNJ bien caché voire très bien caché puisque certains d’entre eux apparaissent qu’à une certaine heure de la journée.

Nianalo: Toujours.

Navid: Toujours (Des fois sur d’autres canal).

Pavel: Entre 7 et 9h du matin (Temps du Jeu).

Pendaon: Entre 5 et 6h du matin (Temps du Jeu).

Poevius: Entre 3 et 4h du matin (Temps du Jeu).

Belicanon: Entre 2 et 3h du matin sur le Canal 2 (Temps du Jeu).

Mahelnu: Entre 1 et 2h du matin (Temps du jeu).

Pater: Entre Minuit et 1h du matin sur le Canal 2 (Temps du jeu).

Un fois avoir parlé à tout les PNJ, il vous restera plus qu’à débourser 3M de kinah et à vous les gants gold du Miragent.

Credits: nibbelr

Aion Boss: Silikor of Memory

27 02 2010

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: To defeat this boss you must kill the 2 guardians first and to do this you must kill them in the right moment.

In the room, you should notice a Malekor drawing a circle a strange circle on the ground. You must kill the guardians in this circle. It’s totally useless to follow the Malekor you risk to aggro the boss. Just tank near the wall like I did, far enough from other members to not take the AoE. When the guardian almost die stop your DPS and wait for the Malekor to come near by before finishing him.

Once the first guardian down, engage the 2nd. Repeat the same tactic and once the 2nd guardian down the shield of the boss will disappear you can now engage him.

The boss is not difficult, remember to kill the adds who pops because they cast regen on the boss.


Aion Boss: King Consierd

24 02 2010

(Delthras, FR Server)

Description: World boss 38 roaming in Salintus Desert (Morheim). This boss can only be defeated in alliance because he’s very strong. He will pop elite mobs that sorcerers (mainly) must kill faster while tanks and plates try to keep the aggro on the boss. Leathers and clerics, stay far enough to don’t take his AoE.

You will certainly take aggro from normal mobs who spawn in this free zone, don’t forget to kill them even if they’re not very dangerous.


Aion Boss: Gojira

24 02 2010

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: Not very difficult but he does quite heavy damage especially on melee DPS like leather and chain. Roaming in a free zone watch to not aggro useless mobs around.

We talks French, enable the subs to understand the conversation.


Aion Boss: Queen Taran

20 02 2010

(Deltras, FR Server.)

Description: This boss is not very diffucult to kill, be sure you’ve cleaned enough before pulling the boss in the corner.

The main tank pull back the boss while other team members are focusing the adds. The sorceress sleep the mob with the mark “Zzz”. Normally the mob doesn’t reset like in this video.