YUI-net New layout: To Mother

3 05 2010

YUI’s official website has refreshed with a new layout.

Check this out: http://www.yui-net.com/

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Miku Append is now released !

30 04 2010

「Hatsune Miku Append」 is the upgraded version of the original voice-synthesis software VOCALOID2.

The new voice database will feature 5 new expressions: Soft, Dark, Solid, Vivid, and Sweet. The official website was recently updated with some demos of these new expressions.

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VOCALOID2 gets update, Miku Append release date announced !

3 04 2010

Crypton updates with new voice bank its famous virtual singer VOCALOID2 also known as Hatsune Miku. We have now a « Soft », « Dark », « Sweet », « Solid » and « VIVID » voice for Miku.

This upgraded version of the software named “Miku Append” due out in stores April 30th — retail priced at 16,800 JPY.

Demo Song 1: 夜の虹(D.B. used solid & sweet) by whoo.

3 other samples can be listen on Miku Append dedicated page.

Source: Crypton

Announcement: New categories and explanations

31 01 2010


Hi everyone ! Again it’s Dlyan. I’m sure you’ve already notice them but I officially announce the new categories.

You’ll find a quick access in the sidebar.

All news regarding capsule, Nakata Yasutaka, MEG, Perfume and Electro music will be put in here.

No need to explain, you’ll find every Sunday an original song selection that I choose.

News? Not really news but more like “the best of …” T-Square, Casiopea, and other Jazz artists. Every 1st of the month I’ll select a cool song of this old time.

“Indies” is may be not the right word because this category will regroup many things…

First, It’ll regroup many Japanese artists who deserve to get more popularity like RADWIMPS, Base Ball Bear, NICO Touches the Walls, superfly, Sambomaster, Snorkel, … etc. (You have understood.)

Second, you’ll also find few archive’s videos from artists during their Indies time. (So old, old old videos and sometimes rare!)

And third, a sub-category named “Spotlight” where you will find various unknown artists, people like you and me who write songs, cover songs, etc and post their performance on Youtube, Dailymotion or NicoNico. (May be one of them will become famous one day …)

Various release from famous and great composers of  Video game, Cinema or Anime industry.

Again, these categories won’t be frequently update because they are not popular as J-Pop or J-Rock are. Some have not much activities… but please take a look from time to time.

It’ll give more variety to this website now. 🙂

See you ! ~~

Announcement: Ratings !

30 01 2010


Hi everyone ! Today I’m glad to announce that ~listentheworld~ now enable ratings !

Starting today, posts regarding CD/DVD releases will have ratings on 5 stars. So vote if you like the single or the album. Let’s already start with latest releases:





Be honest !  Please rate the release and not the artist, I mean, don’t vote 5 stars because it’s YUI or Hyde. 😉 It’ll be more interesting if you write a comment about your vote too.

Other posts will have “Up” and “Down” ratings. (Like this one).

This new feature will allow each of you to share your opinions with others people easily (No registration is required). It will also allow me to see if you’re interested on posts which doesn’t concerns J-Music like Apple‘s stuffs, Vocaloid, a recently the French singer.

I also made some arrangements to the sidebar.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Cya ~

L’Arc~en~Ciel – Hurry Xmas release delayed

19 11 2009

Supposed to be release on November 25, L’Arc~en~Ciel – Hurry Xmas 2009 has been delayed to December 9. The reason is unknown but it’s certaintly for marketing reasons.

(L’Arc~en~Ciel – Hurry Xmas 2009 Single Limited Edition)



Credits: nanani

Source: larcom.net

YUI-net New layout: It’s all too much/Never say die

28 09 2009

YUI’s official website has updated its layout with a beautiful skin.

Check this out: http://www.yui-net.com/