I think that you come to my blog because you share same hobbies with me. So if you have something great for me like websites, new artists you like, your tips, your photos, your videos, your blogs, special events etc… please write a comment here!

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What I recommend you for :

  • Download Torrent files, FTP, HTTP, Telnet, SSH, VPN (Best) (Mac) (Mac)

  • Music Players (Best) (Linux) (Best Winamp DSP Plugin)

  • Video Players

  • Codecs (Mac)

  • Mp3/Mp4 Players (Headphone)

  • CD/DVD Burning (Mac) (Linux)

  • Archiver

  • Antivirus (Linux + Mac)

  • Firewall (Linux)

  • For Security

  • Optimization (Mac)

  • Hardware

  • OS


Mac OS X


  • Internet Service Provider (France Only)

What will you recommend in your country?

  • Chat (Firefox Irc Plugin)

  • Web Browser

  • Mail Reader & Instant Messenger (Mac)

  • Musics

  • Animes

  • Dramas (Registration Required)

  • Blogs

and mine of course ^^

  • Pictures

  • IT

  • Mac

  • Games (Mac)

  • Share

  • Online Shops (France Only)

  • Artists Guitar/Bass/Drums/Tabs/Piano Sheets (Order it!)

  • Freeware / OpenSource

  • Others (France only)

and I’m sure so much more I haven’t discover yet ^^

Give me yours!


6 responses

5 10 2007

hi im from malaysia
seems like we have a really similar hobbies like me from the anime, series that you watch and the music that we listen to especially yui-chan. since i’m a big fan of hers i’m glad to come to this simple but meaningful blog of yours. hope we can share something in the future…..u can email me

25 11 2007

i like your collection

25 11 2007

Thanks, All is for you, my dear visitor ^^

17 03 2008

add , an excellent Jpop fan forum with an equally excellent community.
This one`s the number one source for Chatmonchy news and media. is a great blog with very entertaining posts on gundam figures, anime and Japanese culture. (This is the guy made famous by the dancing stormtrooper video on Youtube)

8 11 2008

I was wondering if you could add me to your blogroll? My address is:

I’ll add you and I hope you add me 🙂

9 11 2008

no problem, you are added!

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