Blu-Spec CD

13 11 2008


Sony Music introduced a new format of CD named Blu-spec CD which is improved version of a conventional Audio CD.

Instead of a traditional infra-red laser, a blue laser is used for recording the pits on the CD master that is needed for disc replication. Supposedly, the blue laser creates more precise pits, causing less distortion in the optical read-out process and resulting in higher-quality audio close from the master of studio recording.

A Blu-spec CD is technically just a regular CD that can be played on all CD players and does not require a blue laser to be read. It is not a Blu-ray Disc.

About 60 Albums should be released in Japan in this format for Christmas.

They will be sold for 20-30€.

In which format are you the most interested?

Audio CD
Vinyl CD
Digital Audio

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One response

15 11 2008

ohh interesting… thanks for the news 😀 I doubt I’ll be able to hear any difference though… -_-||

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