L’Arc~en~Ciel – ’20th L’Anniversary Live” TV Report at J-Top

12 06 2011

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L’Arc~en~Ciel – 20th L’Anniversary Live” Concert Report to be broadcast !

9 06 2011

L’Arc-en-Ciel’s “20th L’Anniversary Live” concert report will be broadcast on “J-Top,” a show on the French TV channel NoLife on Saturday, June 11, 7:30pm.

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VAMPS World Tour Document Photo Book 2010 on pre-order !

13 11 2010

New Photo book release from VAMPS featuring their 2010 world tour. Pre-orders are available till November 17, 2010 only !

The photobook will be released this December.

(VAMPS World Tour Document Photo Book)


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YUI – Live at Bukokan 2010 TV Report

3 11 2010

tetsuya “Juicy-Box” live photobook encore !

30 09 2010

Tetsuya’s live photobook featuring his “FIRST TOUR 2010 Spin the Roulette!” will be re-released with exclusive pictures due to the popularity!.

2010.10.31(Sun) Release
A4 Variant / Full Color / 160 pages
Price: ¥3,990(Tax incl.)
Shipping Cost: ¥600
Publisher: Pia

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Interview: 13 Questions for Hamauzu Masashi (FFXIII)

26 09 2010

An interview of Final Fantasy XIII‘s composer, Masahi Hamauzu is available on 1UP.com

Masashi Hamauzu provides a handful of background details on the making of FFXIII’s score and its piano arrange album.

Follow the links below to read the interview in 4 languages.


http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3181506 (English)

http://www.ffworld.com/?rub=ff13&page=interview_1up-sep10 (French)

http://www.jeriaska.com/?p=636 (Japanese)

http://www.gamesource.it/Articolo/287/13-domande-a-Masashi-Hamauzu-1.html (Italian)

(Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections Regular Edition)



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Poll #15 : Results

28 08 2010

Here is the result on the poll “Have you already purchased Digital music legally?

  • Yes. 54.01% (182 votes)
  • No. 45.99% (155 votes)

Opinions are divided … it seems that people who answered No prefer buy physical CDs.

Thanks for you participation !