Dlyan Thierry

“Free to chose” “You can change the world” “Open your mind” “Discover is life”

Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

Why this blog?

I choose a blog instead of a normal site because on a blog I think I’ve more liberty to talk, I can write about various subjects and not restricted to only one.

I can share my experience, my hobbies, my passion with people like you. I think it’s more friendly.

Here it’s my new and first blog, I hope you will like it.

You can find here many information about all I like like Jpop Music, Video Games, I.T and more. I’ll try to find and post latest news and I’ll try to keep my blog updated frequently.

This Blog main aim is to promote Japanese Music Culture.

I respect all artists and I want to promote them so I won’t put mp3. (Just ask for remove contents)

Personal information about me? I’m live in France, I’m writing my weblog in English because I know that most of people can read English and not French unfortunately. So I apologize in advance if they are many mistakes in my English, I’m doing my best ^^

My real name is Thierry alias Dlyan (It’s pronounced: Di-Li-A-Ne or Dee-Lee-Aa-n or デリャン and please don’t write it “Dylan” !!).

My nickname come from the 1st avatar I had in the MMORPG game which was Final Fantasy XI. I had no idea what to choose so I used a name generator then I picked “Dlyan” because it’s sound good. And now I’m using this nickname everywhere on the Internet. I’m also known sometimes as ippo95, Zell95, TheSoldatRyan, Saruwatari Makoto is my Japanese name.

Age: 24 years old.

Gender: Male.

Study: I.T Student.

Occupation: Software engineer.

Hobbies: Japanese music.

Favorite Colors

  • Red
  • White

Main Interest or Hobbies

  • Information Technology
  • High Technology
  • Visual Entertainment (Movie, TV shows, …)
  • Japanese Culture (Anime, J-Pop, Drama, …)
  • Bass Guitar / Piano / Drums
  • Video Games (RPG, …)
  • Books (Mystery & Thrillers, SF, Philosophical)
  • Sciences (Space, …)
  • History (Prehistory, Antiquity, Mythology, Renaissance, WWII)
  • Ecology

Contact me : email

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Created on April 2007.Time Zone (GMT+1)

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45 responses

4 05 2007

nice blog, bookmarked!

7 05 2007

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

11 06 2007

great blog site! Seems like we are sharing same interests here from anime, jap artist to IT cool! nice to meet you~

13 07 2007

you’re only who can help with seirei no moribito.


16 07 2007

Great site…thank you for updating on JPop and Anime ^_^ I’ll bookmark your site for sure…..

greetz from Indonesia 🙂

4 01 2008

Wow! Lots of great stuff!!!

I was wondering if you would like to exchange links! I have a J-Pop review site as well! Here is the address below:


I am also interested because you have a pianofiles.com profile!! I have one too!! I was hoping we could share sheet music at some point too. On my blog is a sheet music page and I have been trying to increase its quantity!! I hope you will accept all my offers.

Again, great work with the blog!!!

4 01 2008

No problem!

22 02 2008

Hello! Awesome blog, you have here. =D I don’t remember exactly, but I recognize your avatar from somewhere else (perhaps, jpopmusic.com but I’m not sure).

Anyway, do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Keep up the good work!

22 02 2008

Yes , you’re right I’m registered on jpopmusic but I’m don’t participate very much on it. I use always the same avatar so it’s easy to recognize me. Anyway you can add my blog with pleasure (give me yours) and thanks for your comment. ^^

23 02 2008

^ Here’s mine: http://everythingjapanese.wordpress.com/

Support YUI forevar! ❤

13 03 2008

ur blog is cool! =)

17 03 2008

Great work you do here mate. Please keep it up.
Well I`ve only started a wordpress: http://dejima.wordpress.com/
Feel free to visit. I`ll be adding some pics of Nagasaki (my home city) and some of my jpop collection when i get the chance.
It always pleases me to see Jpop artists having an influence on fans overseas too 🙂

28 03 2008

my fav blog

16 04 2008

Awesome blog. I will definitely be stalking you from now on. I’m a huge fan of l’arc en ciel, and I assume you’ll be going to their concert in Paris. I leave in the US and I’m distraught and filled with envy for I have never seen L’arc en ciel in concert, which makes a fraud as a fan, sniff… So, I was hoping that if you’re going or anyone who reads this can be so kind as to relate to me the whole experience, I mean the atmosphere, the place, the fun,the people, the music, the awesomeness of Hyde 🙂 ,etc… Maybe write it on your blog (in French or English I speak both), and nothing in hell will stop me from reading it. Thanks

peace out,

11 05 2008
Struggling law student

Cool blog, i hope you don’t mind if i add you to my blog roll =)

13 05 2008

Hey, just wanted to thank you for running this blog! All of your posts have been really timely and informative, and the details on certain live shows have enabled me to successfully plan a trip to Japan this summer around L’arc, YUI, and AJIKAN concerts. I’ll be there for about 2 weeks May-June, so if there’s anything you’d like from the “I LOVED YESTERDAY” or 「ワールドワールドワールド」 tours, let me know and I’m sure we can work something out!

13 05 2008

Also, I’ll be posting reports up on my own bog, relativetowhat.wordpress.com

13 05 2008

Yeah! toomin please report your experience of these lives! I so would like to be there! I already add you blog in my blogroll!
I have may be a request for you, I’ll mail you soon!

8 06 2008

Hello there I’m from Mexico! I like your blog! I think you really know how to manage good information! I like to do L’Arc en ciel comics, if you like to your free to visit me!
Well have a nice day!

30 06 2008

hi Dlyan~

i like your blog ^0^ i’ll add you to my blogroll if you don’t mind~~


2 07 2008
jelita alamanda

hi there!
i’ve been reading ur blog for some time now, but not your profile.
i was amazed to find out that u’re not a girl (i thought u’ are, sorry XD)
anyway i’ve bookmarked ur page ^^
and i love laruku so much. thanx for all ur report nee xD

12 09 2008

Totally!!! Let’s exchange links!!


3 02 2009

Hi, I luv ur blog, it’s just awesome ^_^ thnks 4 the news and specially 4 the Yui’s videos!! 😛

31 03 2009

this is from Malaysia. glad to found your blog.. all of my fav j-pop/j-rock artists were here in your blog.. really cool blog actually.. thumbs up!! =)

14 06 2009

I wonder if we can exchange links?
I am a fan of YUI, Utada Hikaru ,L’arc en Ciel and Asian Kung-fu generation.

I always go to ur site for their news haha~

and I started my review blog, which features reviews of these artists.

for some reason the system filter my comment with my site url, so can you please click my username “hyperballad” which will direct u to my site?

Thank you so much~
and I love your site 😀

14 06 2009

No prob, you’re added to my blogroll

23 06 2009

hello…,nice blog!

are u a bass player too??

23 06 2009

Yep I’m also a bass player ^^

8 07 2009

hehe hello again~

i moved to a new place, can you please change my link at ur blogroll?

thank you thank you!

11 07 2009

O. O wow your blog is awesome!!! I really need to do thinks like you XD hahahaha well ehm gonna put yah in meh blog roll once I figure out how to do that ^^

you are awesome!


28 01 2010

I love your blog. The layout and the mixed information on many different topics! You seem like a well-rounded guy. Asian music, Mac observer and avid music and art lover overall!

And it would be nice to speak with someone else who speaks French 🙂

I think I’ll put you on my blogroll, if that’s cool with you. Maybe you could do the same 🙂

– Ash (Vernal Moments blog owner)

28 01 2010

Thanks a lot for your comment Ash !

1 02 2010

Having same interest on AKG, YUI, and BBB really made me happy! I love your blog for keeping me updated with them.

I’ll add you btw on my links section! 🙂

1 02 2010

Thank you!

16 05 2010

this is cool… i guess that is all i can say after seeing your site in my incoming links. i don’t know how this link work though but i’d say thanks for linking, me…

5 08 2010

Dylan, I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time. I remember I came into your blog searching for information on Utada Hikaru in 2008. Thank you for all the great information and hardwork! Would you like to exchange links?

6 08 2010

Sure, your link is added to my blogroll !

1 09 2010

Hey Dylan, our site has been renamed to Lost In Paradise. Sorry for the inconvenience!

11 08 2010

Whew. What an about page. I feel like I know you so much already :). Love your blog. Very comprehensive and up to date. Everyday I need more info on an upcoming release, I always end up on your site.

31 08 2010
Luna Sea

where’s luna sea

they already announced about Luna Sea Reboot world tour

30 10 2010

Comment as-tu decouvert la musique japonaise? J’adore ton site– c’est tres bien fait.

31 10 2010

La plupart du temps par hasard et par coup de coeur.

26 11 2010

I am proud to know you [and of course your blog too] 🙂
he he he heh

27 02 2011

Keep up the good work! Best blog ever 😀

18 04 2011

hello, mate, your blog really cool, like for your cosplay sharing, i like cosplay too, am a cute girl from china, my english name is Jojo, Now i am a senior student, my hobbies is golf, cosplay, designed website, swim, drawing, photoshop, music, shopping, I will graduate from college, i have designed my cosplay B2C online website, hope we can make link exchange, waiting for your reply, please mail to my gmail, ajdv1988#gmail.com, please change # as @, thanks

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