Yoshiki and Julia Voth are engaged

14 08 2008

(Look at the ring…)

It was a other rumor on X Japan leader.

According to Julia’s MySpace she’s in couple.

It’s been circulating since March due to the Japanese media, after she was spotted with him having dinner (supposedly) and attending the lives. She was also with him at the anime convention in California when he did a signing.

Here is our couple.

Still rumored…

Credits to: voicelessscream




6 responses

16 08 2008

Are you trying to steal the “Miss Rumour” title from me?? XDDDD

16 08 2008

ahaha not at all!

27 10 2008

sorry to burst the rumor bubble but no Yoshiki and Julia are NOT engaged….
Believe me I would be one of the first to know 🙂

5 11 2008

Julia Voth rules!!!! She is fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 01 2009

Gosh. Is this true? Well, if it is, I’m happy for them.

4 11 2010

Nips… She and Erin are engaged xD

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