Yoshiki Special at News ZERO

19 03 2009

ZEROのYOSHIKI特集。 香港映像にそしてまさかの新曲!!!! 涙が出ます。

A Special Edition of News ZERO’  TV Show featuring Yoshiki.

Air date: March 19th 2009
Air time: 22:54~
Channel: NTV

It talks quickly about Hong Kong performance but the documentary mainly traces Yoshiki’s childhood.

He visited his old school and his father grave.

And at the end… a very very short preview of X Japan New Song!

Next Yoshiki’s TV appearance:

TV Special : Gyoretsu no dekiru Horitsu Soudansho
2 hour Spring 2 hour Special as a GUEST!
Air Date: April 12th (Sunday)
TV Channel: CTV

Credits: lisamm, fufunagentsmith2009

Source: NTV




One response

24 03 2009


Announcer: Tonight, the artist’s confession. In Japan, 30 thousand people commit suicide every year. After their death many mourning families are left behind. Many bereaved families are surrounded by misunderstanding and fear prejudice to the point that they considerably do not speak frankly of a family member dying due to suicide. This time the leader of X-Japan, Yoshiki, who lost his father in this way, will reveal the truth about it for the first time. From the thought of wanting to do something for other people who have suffered the same as he, Yoshiki told us personally about his painful past.

C: January this year, China, Hong Kong ___ X JAPAN’s reunion after 10 years, it was decided to start a world tour. ___
The charismatic leader Yoshiki ___ It will be said in front of the camera for the first time.

Y: There is a wound in my heart I probably won’t recover from for my whole life, I’m burdened with it. That is, my father commited suicide. *he’s looking for words*

C: So far, he hasn’t spoken about it, his father’s suicide. How did it change him?

title: Father’s suicide

C: ___
Chiba prefecture, city of Tateyama, Houjou beach. About ten minute-walk from his parents house.

Y: We often went fishing from over there. Yes…

C: What is the first/best memory from this beach?

Y: Uun, we came here a few times a week.

C: With your family?

Y: *nods* I came here with my mum and younger brother to swim.

C: Even in those painful times?

Y: Yes. ___

C: Yoshiki was eleven years old when his father passed away. We visited the elementary school he was going to at that time.

Y: It’s here, I remember, I remember it.

C: It’s a big school, isn’t it?

Y: Yes, it’s big.

title: Tateyama X Houjou Elementary School

Y: It hasn’t changed at all. ___ It was/ I had this feeling.

C: The scene Yoshiki saw when he returned home from club activity. He isn’t able to recollect it properly even now.

Y: (That day) I think I probably went to music club. It was on summer holiday. I went to school to practice. On trumpet maybe, I don’t know, I can’t remember which instrument it was. When I returned the situation was…
I thought… he’s sleeping, that was what I thought. But… he had a kerchief (a triangular one) on his head. Like this. *shows with his hands* Why … I was very surprised. I remember I asked why he is sleeping with something like that (on his head). At that time I got into a fit of anger.

C: Anger, you mean…

Y: … I wasn’t crying, I was just raging in the house.

C: Against what were you angry?

Y: I don’t know! I think I was then restrained by my relatives.
When one ends their life by their own will, there is no way the relatives wouldn’t ask “why?“, that they wouldn’t be full of questions/doubts. They can never get an answer for their questions. They will never know the real answer/reason, will they? I don’t know that answer even now. I’ll be just looking for it forever.

C: When it came to talking about the situation/circumstances of that while… (note: I think they mean the actual suicide scene)

Y: I don’t want to talk about it. Not yet…

C: Since then the family haven’t spoken about things related to their father. (Yoshiki’s) memories of his father are going fishing together and his father playing piano for him.

(by the grave)

Y: I‘m emotional. Hmm… I always came here with my mother. Yes…

A: Died at the age of 34. He passed away too early.
The sudden death of his father, how has he(Yoshiki) faced this fact since then?

Y: I’ve never gotten over it. I’m still struggling with it. Such a wound… I think such a wound can’t be healed. It’s still ___

C: The pain, which can only be understood by experiencing it, (up till now) he went on alone burdened with it.

Y: I am a musician. I have a space where I can vent. If it weren’t for music, I don’t know what I would do. If it weren’t for music, I wonder if I would be able to continue living.


C: When he was writing the song Tears, he put memories of his deceased father into it.

Translation by: 003chan

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