Aion Boss: Brass-Eye Grogget

16 01 2010

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: This is the last boss of Steel Rake instance. It will be one of your most epic fight in Aion. Grogget is a very hard and long boss especially if your level is too low or you don’t have enough DPS.

The Templar take the boss while others stay far from him. After 2 or 3min of fight, the boss will run back, don’t go after him.

Now it’s the most difficult part. Many mobs will spawn at the same time and you must kill them to most rapidly. Our tactic was to kill following this order: Shaman -> Surgeon -> Assassin -> Defender. Watch when the boss is coming back and re-engage him immediately.

If there is still adds, Kill them, don’t let any adds left. Repeat this again and again to take him down.

I highly recommend everyone to take life and mana potions. This is a long fight and if sorcerers and assassins are running out of mana you’ll lost DPS and you won’t be capable the kill the mobs fast enough. It’ll be over.

I had a really great team and a such good healer so we’re able to defeat this boss. Many times I had to teleport because we weren’t fast enough and there was too many adds.

We talks French, enable the subs to understand the conversation.

PS: My connection was terrible this night … that’s why sometime the game looks frozen.





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