Aion Boss: Silikor of Memory

27 02 2010

(Vidar, FR Server)

Description: To defeat this boss you must kill the 2 guardians first and to do this you must kill them in the right moment.

In the room, you should notice a Malekor drawing a circle a strange circle on the ground. You must kill the guardians in this circle. It’s totally useless to follow the Malekor you risk to aggro the boss. Just tank near the wall like I did, far enough from other members to not take the AoE. When the guardian almost die stop your DPS and wait for the Malekor to come near by before finishing him.

Once the first guardian down, engage the 2nd. Repeat the same tactic and once the 2nd guardian down the shield of the boss will disappear you can now engage him.

The boss is not difficult, remember to kill the adds who pops because they cast regen on the boss.





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