Best Bassists of the World

31 07 2008

I found an interesting ranking list about “Top 10 Bassists ever“. Just look at it:

VOTE for your favorite!

(I wouldn’t never imagine that Tetsu is so wellknown!)




12 responses

31 07 2008

ahahahaha! testu has always been my favorite personality from la’rc, and since I’m trying to learn bass, he’s always been someone I looked up to. seriously, I can’t believe he’s the number 3 bassist in the world; that’s amazing! tet-san, ganbare!

3 08 2008

tetsu’s not the 3rd best bassist in the world…
he’s THE best bassist in the world xD

24 09 2008

Those are some . Its worth checking out!

24 09 2008

love those Amazing Bass Videos

11 11 2008

yung magaling

15 01 2009

he’s my idol…what more can i say…

19 03 2009
Arona Daal

Flea for sure, though Geddy Lee may be more technically skilled. Entwistle is also really good, but I wouldn’t put him anywhere near Flea.

9 04 2009
Garry B

Best bassist has to be flea in my eyes theres no one better, dont get me wrong there’s some close runner uppers but not close enough.

14 04 2009

vote for tetsu in every list best and greatest bassists in the Top Tens if he is ur no one.

7 08 2009
bro tal

bakit wala si victor wooten at billy sheehan sa list?

9 01 2010
pemusnah dajjal

tetsu is the best.. f0rever! ! !

27 10 2010

tesus is realy a star what more can i say. he is my roll model in the bass world

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