Otsuka Ai, mihimaru GT, PUFFY and more sings for JUDY AND MARY

2 02 2009

8 years after their disband, many popular artist like Otsuka Ai, OKUDA TAMIO, mihimaru GT, PUFFY, Kaela Kimura and more will cover JUDY AND MARY songs for their 15 Anniversary.

They will release  an tribute album on March 18th, 2009.

伝説のモンスターバンド、JUDY AND MARYのデビュー15周年を記念して、豪華アーティストが参加したトリビュートアルバムのリリースが決定!

15th Anniversary Tribute Album
2009.3.18 release

ESCL-3177 ¥3,059(税込)

●いきものがかり ♪クラシック
●奥田民生 ♪散歩道
●木村カエラ ♪Happy?
●シギ ♪KYOTO
●school food punishment ♪Brand New Wave Upper Ground
●スネオヘアー ♪小さな頃から
●中川翔子 ♪そばかす
●PUFFY ♪motto
●HALCALI ♪ラッキープール
●半沢武志(FreeTEMPO) ♪RADIO
●真心ブラザーズ ♪ドキドキ
●ミドリ ♪ミュージックファイター
●mihimaru GT ♪Over Drive


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Ai Otsuka to be guests at Avril concert

3 07 2008


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ROCK IN JAPAN FES ’08: First Lineup

20 04 2008

The first official lineup of the Rock In Japan Festival 2008, which takes place August 1-3 at Ibaraki’s Hitachi Seaside Park, has been announced. Like previous years, there will be 4 concert stages (Grass Stage, Lake Stage, Sound of Forest, and Wing Tent). The festival will announce the timetable and additional artists at a later date. Read the rest of this entry »