Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2 on pre-order !

17 09 2010

Utada Hikaru’s new single collection is now available in pre-order on Yesasia. The compilation should be released on November 24, 2010. It contains 13 tracks with 5 new songs and a second disc probably a bonus DVD.

(Utada Hikaru Single Collection vol.2 Regular Edition)



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3 responses

17 09 2010

I heard there’s no DVD bonus, since Utada hasn’t release anything in CD+DVD format.
I believe there will be another B3 sized poster.

19 09 2010

If I recall correctly, traveling, COLORS, Be My Last, Boku Wa Kuma and Prisoner of Love all were released in CD+DVD format. Anyway, if it includes any DVD, I hope it’s the In The Flesh tour. I mean people said that there where cameras and a notice of a recording at both the NY and London concerts, and judging by YouTube videos and the Vegas recording, she sounded amazing. I still think her dual performance of Passion and Sanctuary at the London concert is the best of her career. When EMI released Utada United, it included songs from Island Def Jam so I hope the same could happen the other way around. ^_^

19 09 2010

Thanks for the news! Definitely pre-ordering!

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