Angela Aki – LIFE Album

8 09 2010

After her hit third album Home, singer-songwriter Angela Aki takes on her most diverse musical project yet with her fourth album Life. While the 12-track album still has a typical set list that includes a mix of new songs and previously released singles like Kagayaku Hito, half of Life actually consists of original English-language tracks written by Angela herself. Having such a balanced presence of two languages on a J-pop album is unusual, but the choice also reflects and celebrates Angela’s diverse American-Japanese background.

First Press Edition comes with a special music video compilation on a bonus DVD, featuring 11 hit Angela Aki singles.

(Angela Aki – LIFE Album Limited Edition)

(Angela Aki – LIFE Album Regular Edition)


01 Ai no Kisetsu | 愛の季節
02 Kagayaku Hito | 輝く人
03 Every Woman’s Song
04 Sign | サイン
05 Remenber Me
06 Unbreakable
07 What Are The Roses For?
08 Ai to Bansōkō | 愛と絆創膏
09 Mad Scientist
10 The Truth Is Like A Lie
11 Bop Bop Bop (Color Of Your Soul)
12 Haha naru Daichi | 母なる大地

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