Sunday’s VOCALOID: Crybaby Pippo

29 08 2010

An original VOCALOID song selection.

Crybaby Pippo (ナキムシピッポ) is a new song from sasakure.UK’s upcoming album “Prototype Nana“. His style is particular between electro and old video game music. It definitively worth to check its works.

This song is recently very popular on NicoNico Douga. (Top 14 at Vocaloid Ranking #151)


Sasakure-P (ささくれP), also known as sasakure.UK, is an author of the Vocaloid songs, and at the same time he is a BMS (Be-Music Script) musician with a long experience. In addition, he is good at the production of the animation, and himself draws the picture of his video.

His notable works have been “ボーカロイドは終末鳥の夢を見るか?” (Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Bird?). A series of songs, that listeners interpret as, the gradual destruction of earth and humanity due to a war.

Music: sasakure.UK (ささくれP)
Lyrics : sasakure.UK (ささくれP)
Illustration : sta
Vocal : Hatsune Miku.
Original Video:

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