Utattemita NEW ALBUM:「Starry Sky」!

18 07 2010

Vocaloid Music Utattemita Gentei Community presents their 2nd album「Starry Sky」!

MGS’ second compilation CD, “Starry Sky“, is one of the most awaited CDs released during Vocaloid Master 12 last May 09, 2010. As one of the few utattemita-centric CDs in the event, Starry Sky promised a repertoire of masterful singing of classic Vocaloid songs of various genre. Some of the songs are real utattemita classics — you’ve heard them covered by tons of artists (1/6, SPiCa, Shounen Ginga), but some are not that popularly covered (The 9th, Yoiyami no Augustin, Ryuusei). In either case, the CD tries very hard to capture the listener’s interest.

This album is available for order on Amazon.co.jp for 1500 yens.


o1. ユートピア  – Eshi ja nai KEI feat, topi
o2. SPiCa – TokuP feat. Keisen
o3. Fireworks – PinocchioP feat. Darumaya
o4. この花火が終わるまでに – OssanP feat. Sachippu~
o5. The 9th – JimmyThumbP feat. Purikuma
o6. 千夜月 – IsoP feat. Kakichoco
o7. ユラメク – HeavenzP feat. [REN]
o8. 1/6 – VocaliodP feat. Sorako
o9. 宵闇のアウグスティン – Nem feat. Gurumi
1o. 少年銀河 – Toraboruta feat. Miichan
11. ヨルノソコ – gomezP feat. *Airi
12. 星空に願いを込めて – tomoP feat. Shin Shakaijin
13. ライカ – AyaneP feat. Riseha
14. 流星 – minato feat. Pagoda
15. さよならアストロノーツ – Kobayashi Onyx feat. Jack

Credits: nikki

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