YUI 4th Tour 2010 〜HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN〜 announced !

13 06 2010

YUI will go on national tour starting this September to promote her new album,『HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN』.

Note that YUI will perform at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on last two dates. Her last perform at this venue was in 2007, this time we hope that Sony is going to release a DVD.


9/12(日) 市原市市民会館
9/15(水) 名古屋センチュリーホー
9/16(木) 名古屋センチュリーホール
9/21(火) 仙台サンプラザホール
9/24(金) ニトリ文化ホール
9/28(火) アルファあなぶきホール
9/29(水) 神戸国際会館
10/1(金) 大阪国際会議場メインホール
10/2(土) 大阪国際会議場メインホール
10/14(木) 新潟県民会館
10/19(火) 広島市文化交流会館
10/21(木) 崇城大学市民ホール(熊本市民会館)
10/22(金) 福岡サンパレス
11/1(月) 日本武道館
11/2(火) 日本武道館

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7 responses

14 06 2010

We even send a petition for the budokan dvd with YUI-LOVER COLLABORATION 3, and nothing… if this time they don’t release it, we’ll have to meet all in japan and ask in person xD
I can’t get to understand how YUI only has 1 live dvd and it’s 50 minutes!

14 06 2010

2 days budokan!! hopefully sony will release DVD..I really want to see YUI’s live performance..

14 06 2010

@dso You’re right, YUI deserves to have a real LIVE DVD !

7 07 2010

Hopefully, Sony will release this live concert DVD next year.

Imagine if Stereopony makes a Sudden appearance and does “I Do It” with Yui??? OMG! That’ll rock!!

27 11 2010

hahaha oh hell yeah i’d love to see that hey have you seen her video clip on youtube when her hair is tied up? she looks so pretty too… ^^ love you so much

30 10 2010

I wish she would come to Canada :(!

27 11 2010

i would spend a lot for a ticket to get in if i can’t get to japan to see her concert i hope that one day she’d go to canada

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