Spotlight on rockleelist !

7 05 2010

I couldn’t resist to present you rockleelist that I discover recently on Youtube.

She’s a English Vocaloid cover artist who has a respectable goal which is to share Vocaloid fandom with English-speaking audiences so that they may enjoy and appreciate its music as others around the world have.

Let’s see one of her cover!

Download MP3 ♪ HQ

This song is a famous VOCALOID song from kz(livetune) titled “Light Song” from livetune Re:Packaged Album.

Here is rockleelist comment about her cover:

Long overdue. I know a handful of subscribers have been waiting for this one. It’s a classic Kz/Livetune Miku song, so I couldn’t deny singing it. ♥ In fact, my favorite part to sing was the harmonic echoes for “And I will call~”.
This song (like Strobe Nights) doesn’t translate well, so I did what I could from the original translation and filled in the metaphorical gaps.
I pitched it down 0.71% from the original, as the notes are so high that even I can’t hit them. Aside from that, because vocaloids don’t need breath marks in their music & songs, I had to place them myself.
And that chorus has no room for breath between those high notes. Very challenging!

She has cover few more popular VOCALOID songs like “Melt”, “Double Lariat”, “Just Be Friends”, “Saihate” that I recommend to listen. She did a very great work overall.

She accepting request on her blog, so leave her a comment at:

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10 05 2011

It’s rockleeTist not rockleeList…

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