Sunday’s VOCALOID: Miku on Spanish TV show

11 04 2010

Music Technology Group has posted an interesting interview with Xavier Serra (Professor in a University specialized in sound and music computing in Barcelona, Spain).

They talk about transforming voice software and demonstrate one a called “KaleivoiceCope“.

VOCALOID triumph in Japan” is the final subject of the show. Xavier Serra explain how it works.

PS: No subs, all is in Spanish.

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6 responses

11 04 2010

wow >.< their accent is really strong..I can barely understand them and I've spoken Spanish since I was a kid…

11 04 2010

it’s not Spanish.It Catalan, a dialect spoken in Catalonia, like Barcelona 😛

11 04 2010

hehehe It’s not Spanish! It’s “Catalan”, a co-official language in the spanish autonomous community of Cataluña. In Cataluña is the city of Barcelona for example. In this zone they have their own language, beside spanish 🙂

11 04 2010

Basically, they explain what Vocaloid is and talk about how famous it is in Japan. Then they talk about Hatsune Miku, they explain what she is and the internet phenomenon around her, the virtual-social effects, and how different people collaborate to obtain the result of Miku. They talk about the different versions of Miku around the internet too, and about record companies and copyright/royalties matters.

12 04 2010

oh lol I was so confused…>.< thanks for the clarification..I thought I was starting to lose the ability to understand Spanish :d

13 04 2010

Yeah, thanks for the clarification.

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