Megumi Nakajima 1st ALBUM: 『I love you』 announced !

3 04 2010

Megumi Nakajima is a seiyu and singer mainly known for her role as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier Anime. She also give her voice to the software Megpoid where the icon is GUMI.

Her first album will be a concept album where she sings 12 songs or “love letters” for each month. It is comprised of new songs, and some of her previous singles.

Limited edition includes a character song CD featuring “Macross F,” “BASQUASH!,” and “Kampfer” plus a bonus DVD featuring two music video and making-of.


1. Shining on (April)
2. New Song (May)
3. New Song (June)
4. Raspberry Kiss (July) New Recording
5. New Song (August)
6. New Song (September)
7. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku (October)
8. Be MYSELF (November)
9. Silent Night (December)
10. Tenshi ni Naritai (January)
11. Watashi ni Dekiru koto (February) Kobato new ED
12. Nostalgia (March)

– Only in the first press edition:
<first press 8cm CDS>
1. Lion Ranka ver (From Macross F. New recording)
2. Seikan Hikou (From Macross F)
3. Sugao de Fall in Love (From Kampfer. Lantis Release)
4. After The Heart Rain (From Basquash. PC Release)

<limited edition DVD>
1. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku PV
2. New Song PV
3. The making videos

(Meguma Nakajima – I love you Regular Edition)

(Meguma Nakajima – I love you Limited Edition)

Credits: Gabriala Robin

Source: Official Website




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3 04 2010

Recommended songs of Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier): “Seikan Hikou”, “Triangular”, “Nostalgia” and “Sou Da Yo”.

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