Sunday’s VOCALOID: Shinkai Summit

28 03 2010

An original VOCALOID song selection.

New VOCALOID composer to introduce, DECO*27.

This song is titled “Shinkai Summit” (Heart Breaking Summit) has a really Pop-ish style, I think you won’t have problem to appreciate his composition.

For info, he will release his 1st Major Album on April 21, 2010 titled “Souaisei Riron“. The CD will contain 14 tracks including “Shinkai Summit“.

(DECO*27 – Souaisei Riron Limited Edition)


DECO*27 was one of the late new faces who made its debut in Oct.2008. His 1st work got over 100,000 view counts suddenly, and, in the later work, his popularity is stable.

Recently, on 11 November 2009, it is revealed that DECO*27 is male by a video uploaded at Nico Nico Douga, singing a different key of Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman.


DECO*27’s works;
(Can be seen in YouTube)

1. “Boku Mitaina Kimi Kimi Mitaina Boku”(Oct.08.2008)
2. “Rainbowder”(Nov.24.2008)
3. “Sunadokei”(Dec.19.2008)
4. “Renkyori-En-ai”(Miku)(Feb.12.2009)
5. “Renkyori-En-ai”(Luka)(Feb.16.2009)
6. “Haruichi.”(Apr.09.2009)
7. “Souaisei-riron”(Apr.14.2009)
8. “Mitsuba no Clover”(May.18.2009)
9. “Ai-Kotoba”(Jul.21.2009)
10. “Shinkai Summit”(Jul.28.2009)
11. “Nisoku Hokou”(Aug.28.2009)
12. “No You, No Me”(Sep.02.2009)
13. “Tsumi to Batsu”(Sep.08.2009)
14. “Kimi ijou, Boku miman.”(Sep.22.2009)
15. “Ai think so,”(Oct.25.2009)
16. “Dummy Dummy”(Nov.04.2009)
17. “Lovegazer”(Nov.30.2009)
18. “Hitoribocchi de Futari kiri”(Dec.18.2009)

Music: DECO*27.
Lyrics : DECO*27.
Illustration: Chameleonman.
Vocal : Hatsune Miku.
Original Video:

Unofficial Ambassador for the VOCALOID genre.




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