L’Arc~en~Ciel – 「I Love Rock’n Roll」 Full Version

23 03 2010

Here is the full version of 「I Love Rock’n Roll」 aired on TOKYO FM:

The song will also be available as ring tone on Chaku-Uta starting March 31.




4 responses

23 03 2010

WOW, amazing song XD luv it! where can I download it? :O

21 04 2010

i found it in a page but i cant put it here? addme in facebook im Kyoko Rain, i look like vampire? hehe shshh

12 05 2010

hi kyoko, i have added you in facebook. please confirm as friend ^^

25 06 2010

“I love rock n roll” was written by Japan scene GS Vodka Collins band member Alan Merrill. It was released by his band The Arrows first in 1975, and he wrote the song. The composer started his career in JAPAN with Watanabe Productions.
Why do you say it’s a Joan Jett song. That’s a LIE!
Vodka Collins forever!!

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