Sunday’s VOCALOID: Railroad Crossing

21 03 2010

An original VOCALOID song selection.

Totally different style from wowoka, millstones is much more electro-pop. He has the gift to create addicting intro which makes you want to listen the entire song. Original thing this time, we don’t have 1 but 3 singers: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, GUMI.

This VOCALOID composer was already featured here with “Kanou Sekai no Rondo“, his new song is titled “Railroad Crossing“. His new song has reached rank 11 in VOCALOID RANKING #128 this week just before Dixie FlatlineJust Be Friends.

The video is not complete (only 3min), I don’t know why. The entire song duration is about 6min and can be downloaded for free !


Millstones is originally a producer of non-Vocaloid MAD in which he uses his original music. He has some hit works of MAD which got tens of thousands of view counts. On the other hand, his Vocaloid works could not get more than 3,000 view counts for a long time although he produced 6 Vocaloid works since Nov.2008. In Dec.2009, his 7th Vocaloid work got tens of thousands of view counts suddenly.

Millstones’ works can be seen on YouTube (This playlist includes his non-Vocaloid MAD works.)

[Vocaloid works]

1. “monochrome rainbow”(Jun.07.2009)
2. “Keikaku Toshi”(Dec.15.2009)
3. “Kanou Sekai no Rondo”(Jan.16.2010)
4. “Railroad Crossing”(Mar.09.2010)

Composed and Arranged by: millstones.
Lyrics : Aki.
Vocal : Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, GUMI.
Original Video:


Unofficial Ambassador for the VOCALOID genre.




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