capsule NEW ALBUM in March 3, 2010 !

9 01 2010

CDJapan has revealed a hot news concerning capsule, it seems they will release a new album on March 3, 2010 !

For information they had not released an original album since November 2008. The album is still untitled, it’s also not officially announced … Yasutaka has commented on SSTV last year that he’s working on next capsule’s album for 2010.

It will be release in Regular and Limited with DVD Edition.

(capsule – PLAYER Regular Edition)

(capsule – PLAYER Limited Edition)




5 responses

9 01 2010

It’s marked in my agenda!

For those who don’t know them, I recommend them to listen “Fruits Clipper”, “Sugarless Girl” or “FLASHBEST” album by capsule.

18 01 2010

Did you hear the new song that just released ?
It was Love and Lies from the new album, it is EPIC.

18 01 2010

Yeah, I just saw that on Youtube Thanks! Great song!

27 01 2010

love or lies!

24 02 2010
Virgil Loseke

Great article, thanks!

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