X JAPAN FILM GIG – Suzuka Night

23 08 2009

<YOSHIKI>ヘルニア手術から復活 鈴鹿イベントにヘリで登場 仏、大阪公演を延期

Here is some information on yesterday event at Suzuka Circuit.

– YOSHIKI appears with helicopter. (Image to Suzuka sky. The helicoptor flies with minimum altitude. Yoshiki gets off and stands, then boards to the open-car forward to the stage.)
– TOSHI also go there.
– YOSHIKI wears corset at his neck, but he can walk well. ( He has quite accumulated stress because he can’t move as well as regular.)
– TOSHI said he dissuaded YOSHIKI from coming to the Film Gig but YOSHIKI disobeyed.
Paris live & Osaka live are postponed. (Previously, LA Management had a meeting about the schedule and Yoshiki’s condition after the surgery.)
– Both YOSHIKI & TOSHI tell “Missing Fans”.


Set list:
JADE (Studio recorded version)
Last Song (Last Live, TOSHI MC)
Rusty Nail (Night of Destruction 2008.03.28)
Week End (Piano & Violin, Taiwan)
Silent Jealousy (Taiwan)
Tears (Hong Kong ~ Akasaka ~ 18回目の夜)
紅 (RETURNS ~ Taiwan)
Without You (18回目の夜 ~ hide Memorial Summit May 4, 08)
I.V. (Taiwan)
X (Taiwan ~ Fireworks & Smoke @ meeting place)
TOSHI appears!!! 「鈴鹿!鈴鹿!もう1曲行くか!?」 [Suzuka! Suzuka! One more song!?]
Return to FILM


– YOSHIKI’s condition seems to be pretty well, anyway, he is still can’t move his neck.
– Piano has been brought to Suzuka Circuit, however, it is not showed today.
– He will concentrate on rehabilitation and recording.

Credits: Saori_gig, ilesoix




2 responses

23 08 2009

Yoshiki sama!!! Please concentrate on rehabilitation and get well soon. WE MISS YOU TOO 🙂

23 08 2009

I’m glad Yoshiki..hmmm looks and I hope feels better :):)

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