「The BEST of Aqua Timez」 announced!

20 08 2009

デビュー5年目を迎えるAqua Timez初のベストアルバム「The BEST of Aqua Timez」の発売が決定!!

Aqua timez will release on October 14 their first Best Album titled 「The BEST of Aqua Timez」. It will contain 2 disc, 13 tracks per CD including all singles from their debut. The limited edition has also a DVD containing all video clips.

Their new song ‘Saigo Made’ which going on sale on September 2 will also be included in the Best Album.

Catalog No.: ESCL-3303
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Release Date: 2009/10/14
Price: 3143yen (3300yen Tax incl.)
[US$ 32.99]
Item weight: 200 g

(Aqua Timez – 「The BEST of Aqua Timez」Regular Edition)


(Aqua Timez – 「The BEST of Aqua Timez」Limited Edition)


Source: aquatimez




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