VAMPS – U.S.A Tour Final August 1st at Wiltern Theater TV Report

4 08 2009




8 responses

4 08 2009

I was there!! 4th row in the pit too! Really close to hyde.

4 08 2009

that’s cool

5 08 2009
Athena Emily

I am seeing them next week today in Taipei!!
Really cant wait!!

(i cant see this vid btw)

5 08 2009

That’s weird… an other reader report me the same issue. It looks like dailymotion doesn’t support anymore embedded private videos…
But I made some tests at home and in my office and all videos works for me…

What kind of message do you have ? Does anyone else has the same issue?


5 08 2009

I can view it just fine. Perhaps Region problem?

5 08 2009

Thanks for your feeback tbhjason. Anyone else ?


8 08 2009
13 08 2009

I can’t see anything TT TT
I was the 1st person in line xD
I’m in the first row right in front of hyde~~~~ it didn’t seem so dark when I was there

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