YUI – ROCK IN JAPAN 2009 Report

1 08 2009

YUI at Rock in Japan Festival 2009

Here is a little report on YUI’s yesterday live performance at Rock in Japan Festival 2009.

YUI has commented on her diary:

It has been a year since last playing live, I was really nervous, but it was a lot of fun!
After all, summer festival atmosphere is the best


“Following last year’s performance at the Sound of Forest stage, YUI had taken a year off to recharge. Walking onstage with her band mates, YUI said “Everyone, I’m back!”, and with her acoustic guitar in hand, kicked off the concert with “Laugh Away”. And though last year YUI surprised us with an Inoue Yousui cover, the second song of the say was “Amegari no Yozora ni” (In the Night Sky After the Rain)! (Incidentally, before the final song, “Sea”, she added one more, Kaori Kawamura’s “Zoo”). Changing to her electric guitar, YUI’s genuine singing voice filled the sky. With only her gentle, familiar voice and an occasional “Yaa!” of encouragement, YUI created a good atmosphere. “Rolling Star”, her new single, called “Again” has a heavy rock sound, but still YUI’s voice, the dynamics of the subtle melody makes it unique. (Some form of praise with a phrase I’m not familiar with. It combines “Power of Shoulder” with “breath of fresh air” and the “the good feeling of a being solid and rooted in the ground”), a new generation, and at the same time something universal.

23697_3 23697_5


1. Laugh away
2. 雨上がりの夜空に
3. Rolling star
4. Love is all
5. I’ll be
6. again
7. ZOO (one chorus)
8. Sea

Credits: mrsean

Source: ro59




One response

2 08 2009

hope this will be on the dvd in her up coming single

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