Aqua Timez – Plumeria ~Hana uta~ Single

29 07 2009


It’s another big year for Aqua Timez. The rock band landed a hit with STAY GOLD peaking at Oricon’s #11 position, and their latest album Uta Isarashi Hana reached gold status in March. Aqua Timez’s follow-up single Plumeria – Hana Uta – is the theme song of the new Gokusen movie.

(Aqua Timez – Plumeria ~Hana uta~ Single Regular Edition)

Aqua Timezの記念すべき10thシングルは、日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ『ごくせん』の劇場版となる映画『ごくせん THE MOVIE』の主題歌!! 大ヒット間違い無しのキラーチューン! Aqua Timez×ごくせんダブルステッカー封入。


01. Plumeria ~Hana Uta~
02. Nagasu Gita Yoru Ni
03. Perfect World -blue forest ver.-
04. Plumeria ~Hana Uta~ (Instrumental)

Catalog No.: ESCL-3243
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2009/7/29
Price: 1000yen (1050yen Tax incl.)
[EUR 7.51]
Item weight: 120 g

Official Website

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Source: SonyMusic





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