Otsuka Ai – LOVE LETTER Tour 2009 Singing Quiz

26 07 2009

I found this compilation of website videos from her latest tour LOVE LETTER where Ai is singing ‘A Cappella” many of her songs.

Will you recognize them all?




One response

19 10 2009

of course! The first one is Love Letter
2. Rocket Sneaker
3. Bye-Bye
(everything is in the same order as the C.D!)
4. Kurage Nagareboshi
5. Ningyou
6. Kimi Fechi (hahaa so funny~)
7. Do Positive
8. 630
9. Shachihata!
10. One X Time
11. Pocket
12. Ai!

Actually, I was listening to the CD while I stopped it because I wanted to see this video.

Thank you so much, it’s so so cute! I love Ai-chan and her voice is great here! *_* I’m so happy that I have the original CD 😀

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