D’espairsRay – “Redeemer” U.S. Debut!

9 07 2009


D’espairsRay sont en France le 11 et 13 Juillet 2009 à La Cigale (Paris).

D’espairsRay will release ‘Redeemer‘, their third album, on July 28, 2009 in U.S., and are planning to release a special single around their 10th anniversary in September 2009.

Ten years after appearing on the music scene, D’espairsRay launches their third album. Redeemer features 12 tracks including band’s most recent singles Brilliant, Kamikaze, and Horizon.

Please check out D’espairsRay’s video for their new hit “Redeemer”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huQtZDtGIDE

(D’espairsRay – Redeemer Album Regular Edition)



(D’espairsRay – Redeemer Album Limited Edition)



First Press Limited Edition comes in SHM-CD format, which promises enhanced audio quality using a standard CD player.

They are influenced by glam, hard rock, punk, and nu metal styles. Their unique sound can be classified as industrial, metal, or J-Rock, but they still stand out with their eccentric “visual kei” look.

In 2006, Singer Hizumi, guitarist Karyu, bassist Zero, and drummer Tsukasa left Japan for the first time to play in Europe in response to the band’s world-wide following. There, they became the first and only Japanese band to play at theWacken Open Air, one of Europe’s biggest metal festivals.

In 2007, D’espairsRay released the album Mirror and performed at the J-Rock Revolution event in Los Angeles.  Mirror was issued in the U.S. the following year to coincide with the Taste Of Chaos Tour.  The late 2008 Japanese release of Redeemer–notably more mainstream, and controversially less dark and gothic than the band’s earlier music–spun off a trio of national hits with the cheery “Brilliant,” anthemic “Kamikaze” and catchy “Horizon.”

With Redeemer, D’espairsRay ventures ever deeper into the musical consciousness of America.

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Credits: Universal Music Enterprises




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10 07 2009

How exciting! D’espairsRay is actually making an impact in the US.

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