X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in Paris’ venue is… ?

18 06 2009

Regarding the previous news about X Japan in Paris.

I asked the Stade de France if they know that a Japanese band named X Japan will perform this October 10th in the stadium and here is their reply:

Date: 17/06/2009 16:54


A ce jour nous n’avons malheureusement pas information relatif à ce concert.

Ticketnet-service clients-

It says: “Unfortunately at this day we don’t have any information about this concert.”

Personally I prefer in-door concert like Bercy especially when a live takes place in October. Anyway, nothing is confirmed so Yoshiki have time to ‘find a other venue’…

(Paris drama Act 2? Not again!)




3 responses

18 06 2009

Oktober the 10th 2009 … Fance will be plaiing against Faroe Islands in the qualification for the worldchampionship 2010 in Afrika. So on this date the venue will be busy with football fans.

19 06 2009

After two delayed shows, it’s not credible for X Japan to play in this place.

Morever, I’m not convinced on the capacity of the band to attract enough people to fill in this stadium…

Paris Bercy (POPB) is more serious 🙂

21 06 2009

i hope X come to europe!!!!!! they may dont fill the whole stadium but i will be happy to now that they would at least 25000 vfans listening them !!!!! it’s will be unbelievable!!

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