X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in Paris fixed?

14 06 2009

The second fan meeting held today in China (Shanghai) revealed hot news (rumors?) saying that the next concert will be Paris’ Live on October 10th, 2009 in Stade de France!

Same date as Toshi‘s birthday!

Yoshiki will return to Tokyo tomorrow before going back to L.A. for new songs recording!


PS: Still to be confirmed…

Credits: lisamm, yoshiki




4 responses

15 06 2009

Le stade de France… ça me semble un poil optimiste !

16 06 2009

Je pense aussi et puis je n’aime pas l’idée de concert à ciel ouvert surtout en Octobre…

2 09 2009

Hi, I know that this show has already been postponed. I just wish to know where can i expect news on this paris concert. I cant find the email of who is organizing, cant find where the tickets will be sold and really cant find a trusty site to know when it will happen. The official french site sucks a lot.
Please feed me with some links, i really tryied to look in the internet and cannot find anything, I cant miss this show!

2 09 2009

Well for Paris’ live it’s a bit more difficult because no information has leaked… I mean we only know that the live “should” be held at Stade de France (but again nothing has been confirmed) on xx/xx/xx. So till the live is not confirmed we won’t have any further information.

But stay tuned, I will post as soon as possible more information about the event.

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