X Japan 「JADE」 Preview!

2 05 2009

X Japan’s New Song 「JADE」 from Tokyo Dome’s live!

Here is the live rip:


Roam through the life to find a shadow
The flame of light, feel it disappear
Sank to the darkness in it’s end
Was it your secret?

Stop holding your fear
Let memory regret, die alone
Oh will you be there,
There shows you how it’s free, ’till you feel alive

‘Cause you are beautiful, your scars are beautiful, Like the jade
You’ll still shine, when you sink into the sea
When all the bleeding scarlet jealousy goes away with me

Make dawn of mind without the night, looking through the eyes of fallen angels
Sink like a stone into the dark where no light can touch
Then go back my vault, I’ll be in mystery
Tries to take me alone to the end of the world
Where I still believe, Jade

Hold your light ‘Cause you are beautiful
Your glow was beautiful, yesterday
I still hide, at the scene of memories
Oh I still hold my rosary beneath the way of life
Will you feel where the bloody face of love to break away, escape
Flows like the stars of the sky
Walk in the ocean out of mind
Makes me wanna die together as heaven

Ah, another day has come, another self has gone to the flame
It’s burning love
自分で切り裂いた 胸の傷跡さえ 美麗になる 迄

‘Cause you are beautiful, your scars are beautiful like the jade
You’ll still shine, when you sink into the sea
While all the bleeding scarlet jealousy goes away with…
Our love forever, You’ll believe, Leave your mystery, In your heart
My Jade




21 responses

3 05 2009

JADE!!! Thanx!!! This is what I’m looking for ^_^

3 05 2009
Kanaru von Pepinous

Thank you so much, I loved the lyric =3

See you ^^

3 05 2009

loved this song can`t stop listening >.<

3 05 2009

Thank you so much.
And could I use it in my site about HEATH?
Wait your answer.
Thanks again~

4 05 2009

no prob

4 05 2009

Thank you!!!!!!
So kind!!!~~~~ Thanks again~~~~

5 05 2009

未来 → 美麗 (beautiful・・& I want to get rid of my scar)

5 05 2009

Thank u so much for the lyric,it’s an encouraging song.
I was wondering that if I can copy this lyric on your website to my BBS of X Japan’s Chinese fan club?
Waiting for your reply.

5 05 2009

No Prob, please credits.

6 05 2009

Thanks very much

7 05 2009

Thanks a lot ^_^

8 05 2009

Thank you for the lyric.
Probably 未来(mirai) is 美麗(birei).
未来(mirai) does mean future.
美麗(birei) does mean very very beautiful.

8 05 2009

Thank you, it’s modified.

22 05 2009

thank you ><

13 06 2009

This is what I want to listen to! Thank you very much!!
X JAPAN is great! I was overwhelmed!!

30 06 2009

thanks a lot! this is exactly what i was looking for. the lyics’s of x-japan’s songs are poetic~~~

28 08 2009
silver i.d.

自分で切り裂いた 胸の傷跡さえ 美麗になる 迄
help me please translate to english . please

29 08 2009

something like “until even the scars I slashed myself in my heart turn into beauty”

9 10 2009

自分で切り裂いた 胸の傷跡さえ 美麗になる 迄
why are only this phrases japanease?
Has anyone known the reason?
Please tell me why if you know.

9 12 2009

there might be no other special reason…i guess. if you look over all of x-japan’s songs, you can easily find they use both of english and japanese….of course, some of them are just written in english, but usually they use both languages.

28 08 2010

Thx a lot!
This song is not on sale still now.
So, your information is very useful.

Now, X Japan produces PACHINKO machine is debut and it’s promotion movie is broadcasting below.

*PACHINKO is an amusement machine in Japan.

You can find the short movie of JADE, Kurenai, and RustyNail.

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