Aqua Timez – Kira Kira ~original ver.~ preview!

12 02 2009


Aqua Timez new song “Kira Kira ~original ver.~”  from their 3rd album has been chosen to be the song of “Kirin” commercial advertisement.

Check it out!

Plus, the full song is now available on Chaku-Uta Full !

3/11リリースの3rd.アルバム「うたい去りし花」より、新曲「きらきら ~original ver.~」の着うた(R)先行配信スタートです。
『キリンビバレッジ 潤る茶』TVCMで話題の曲の、CMでは聴けないオリジナルバージョンです。ぜひチェックしてください♪

「きらきら ~original ver.~」着うた(R)超先行配信開始!

The Official Website has been renewed with a new skin for the occasion ! Read the rest of this entry »


UTADA talks on SIN

12 02 2009


According to Hikki’s entry, she did a lot of interviews these last times.

She recommend to read this one:

We also have a talk video she did for SINternet where she talks about her album, check it out. Read the rest of this entry »